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#13817 Untange kludgey library detection, particularly for SSL forks tor-build build library-detection new defect High
#16648 Libevent configuration doesn't use pkg-config tor-build libevent pkg-config new defect Medium
#19329 Integrate callgraph complexity measures into our regular process tor-build technical-debt calltool new defect Medium
#25506 Tor's make clean and distclean should not depend on the exact automake version tor-build new defect Medium
#26787 Core file left on travis hardened rust builld travis, regression, tor-build, ci, 035-can, 032-unreached-backport, 033-unreached-backport needs_information defect Very High
#13694 Ship with native build instructions for windows win32, build, lorax tor-build-doc assigned gk enhancement Medium
#18360 option not to use mman-win32 mman-win32, easy, mingw, tor-build, win32-build, new enhancement Low
#21735 Add support for unsigned time_t, to support QNX tor-build portability signed-time unlikely new enhancement Low
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