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#22825 test: Add unit tests for circuit_send_next_onion_skin() tor-circuit, test-unit, tor-hs, 032-unreached new enhancement High
#25118 We need circuit launch and cannibalization unit tests tor-circuit, tor-test new defect High
#24667 OOM needs to consider the DESTROY queued cells tor-cell, tor-circuit, oom new defect Medium
#24985 Preserve circuit-layer confidentiality against a quantum-capable adversary post-quantum, cryptography, tor-circuit new project Medium
#24986 Implement prop#249 "Large Create Cells" tor-cell tor-circuit trunnel new enhancement Medium
#24987 Implement prop#269 "Hybrid Handshakes" (composition module) post-quantum, cryptography, tor-circuit, handshakes new enhancement Medium
#24988 Implement prop#269 "Hybrid Handshakes" (ntor2 module) ntor handshakes tor-circuit cryptography new enhancement Medium
#25268 cmux: Remove round robin code and make EWMA mandatory tor-cmux, tor-sched, tor-relay, tor-circuit needs_review dgoulet enhancement Low
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