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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#30248 2 Bugs (possibly related) - Mozilla addon Search & Cardbook CardDav-server connection issue new defect Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#26215 Add an option to Proxy tab: "Do nothing" new task High Applications/TorBirdy
#16994 Add submission form for 3rd party mirrors new enhancement Medium Community/Mirrors
#19031 Audit Thunderbird's RSS support new task Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#18061 Can not check I2P mail with Torbirdy activated (sending I2P mail works fine) new defect Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#9036 Changing GetTor Message Body needs_information defect Medium Applications/GetTor
#27596 Disable Submitting Crash to Mozilla by Default new defect High Applications/TorBirdy
#27570 Stop ThunderBird Chat feature new defect High Applications/TorBirdy
#27569 Stop bad feature of ThunderBird - Built-in browser new defect High Applications/TorBirdy
#28493 Stop forcibly enabling protected headers (aka. Memory Hole) by default needs_review defect Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#28214 TOR DOESNT WORK new task High Applications/TorBirdy
#29155 TorBirdy privacy-friendly automatic refresh new enhancement Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#21433 TorBirdy: Respect user preferences for header_type and message body type new enhancement Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#27092 Torbirdy Disabled Still Needs Tor to Fetch Emails in Thunderbird 60+ new defect Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#10684 Torbirdy does not remember customized settings after enabling it again assigned defect Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#29829 Torbirdy is not updated for Thunderbird 60.5.x needs_review defect Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#30534 Torbirdy: While TorBirdy running cannot seem to get any Add-ons from the Add-on Manager new defect Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#22828 UX: RSS Feed "Edit as new Message" has still Html bar new enhancement Very Low Applications/TorBirdy
#22524 clear download history new enhancement Very Low Applications/TorBirdy
#17533 do not use keyserver-options in Whonix new enhancement Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#23143 latest TorBirdy release 0.2.3 breaks split-gpg in Qubes OS new defect Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#6359 make use of stream isolation assigned defect Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#22639 process to bring changes from tbb to torbridy new defect Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#20978 shortkey "n" doesn't work any longer in Thunderbird new defect Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#16158 tor mail update assigned defect Medium Archived/Tor Mail
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