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#32578 Onion v.3 links doesnt work needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#32585 No sound "OnMediaSinkAudioError" needs_information tbb-team defect High
#32586 Your capcha is as stupid as 99% of them on the Intenet1!!! needs_information defect Medium
#32589 Update the logos of Firefox and Chrome in new task Very Low
#32597 Hello, currently, in China, Tor Browser 9.5a2 still can't connect to Tor network through snowflake bridge new defect Immediate
#32599 ERROR: object '/usr/lib/torsocks/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64): ignored. new defect Medium
#32602 Consider what to do about locales used by very few people new emmapeel defect Medium
#32612 Update MAR_CHANNEL_ID for the alpha new tbb-team task Medium
#32615 New Fennec onboarding and activitystream conflicts assigned sysrqb defect Medium
#32623 Tor Browser should support ENS needs_information tbb-team enhancement Medium
#32624 localStorage is not shared between tabs new tbb-team defect Medium
#32628 about:tor is not always localized on Android new tbb-team defect Medium
#32630 Chutney Travis: Make chutney work on Bionic images new task Medium
#32631 Chutney Travis: Use the latest dependencies needs_review teor task Medium
#32634 Stem can't fetch hidden service descriptors with descriptor ID. new atagar defect Medium
#32636 Clean up locales shipped with Tor Launcher new brade task Medium
#32640 Add new ssh public key for accessing signing infrastructure assigned gk defect Medium
#32641 Please create a few personal repos new tor-gitadm task Medium
#32645 Update URL bar onion indicators new tbb-team defect Medium
#32647 Please delete tor-launcher master-68.3.0esr-9.5 branch new tor-gitadm task Medium
#32649 Provide one place for setting the Firefox build we use new tbb-team defect Medium
#32650 Check translations for bogus characters new emmapeel defect Medium
#32651 Please delete torbutton bug_22457_v2 branch new tor-gitadm defect Medium
#32652 Please delete tor-browser bug_28622 branch new tor-gitadm defect Medium
#32653 Yesterday, in China, I tried to connect to Tor network through snowflake bridge for 10 times. But all of the connections failed new defect Immediate
#32654 Torbrowser overides user disabling tor proxy after restart new brade defect Low
#32656 Orbot won't start new n8fr8 defect Very High
#32657 Investigate Snowflake blocking in China needs_information cohosh defect High
#32658 Create new MAR signing key for Tor Browser assigned gk defect Medium
#32662 Rewrite BridgeDB with Django 3 and Python 3 new defect Medium
#32665 Parse newly added Snowflake statistics lines needs_review metrics-team enhancement Medium
#32666 BUG: Non-fatal assertion info failed in onion_extend_cpath at src/core/or/circuitbuild.c:2663. (Stack trace not available) (on Tor 439ca48989ece545) new defect Medium
#32668 NoScript default whitelist re-appears on clicking NoScript Options --> Reset new tbb-team defect Medium
#32671 Circpad padding timer flag is not properly reset new defect Medium
#32674 Change link on 'Get involved' in about:tor to new community portal needs_information mcs defect Medium
#32677 Find a way to notify deployed proxy-go instances of updates new task Medium
#32679 Create VM to run monitoring software for anti-censorship team new tpa task Medium
#32682 Total on "aggregated results" should be total of displayed lines, not total including undisplayed lines new metrics-team defect Medium
#32683 Relay Search should be able to handle non-numbers in "as:" parameter new metrics-team defect Medium
#32686 Show TOR Dns port status from controller needs_revision atagar enhancement Medium
#32687 Please delete tor-launcher branch master-68.3.0esr-9.5 new tor-gitadm defect Medium
#32690 Create new directive HiddenServiceExportStats. needs_information moonsikpark enhancement Medium
#32692 meronense database server crashes on I/O errors new tpa defect Medium
#32693 TBB Android: startup crash when opened from external link - void org.mozilla.gecko.Tab.doReload(boolean) new tbb-team defect Medium
#32694 Problem logging in to Disqus on OSX in Tor 9 new tbb-team defect Medium
#32699 Rename the fallback input list to an "offer list" needs_review teor defect Medium
#32700 No need to disable GeckoDriver in Windows mozconfig files needs_review tbb-team defect Medium
#32701 Keep an eye on fingerprinting risks due to the Reporting API new tbb-team task Medium
#32702 Set security.tls.enable_0rtt_data false new tbb-team task Immediate
#32703 Unable to load some sites (Cloudflare) over Tor new defect High
#32707 need a mechanism to automatically detect the ipv6 address of the node new defect Low
#32710 Tor won't open new defect Medium
#32711 Gitlab repository is full and can't be updated new defect Medium
#32712 gettor host fills up storage space when updating files needs_review cohosh defect Medium
#664 Torbutton should not present custom certs if tor is enabled assigned tbb-team enhancement High
#940 Multiple Identity Support assigned tbb-team enhancement Medium
#975 Torbutton prevents PKCS#12 import/export reopened tbb-team defect High
#1939 Trac Homepage should be a dev landing page new defect Medium
#2069 Orbot fails to start if configured as a relay new n8fr8 defect Medium
#2160 Document rule review process new schoen enhancement High
#2161 Allow subscription to external rule feeds assigned enhancement High
#2259 The "new ticket" page should contain good advice on how to write good tickets. new erinn enhancement Medium
#2340 protect users against freeze, replay and version-rollback attacks assigned tbb-team defect Very High
#2424 Android purges firewall rules after network disable/airplane mode. accepted n8fr8 defect High
#2482 TLS issues with Torbutton assigned tbb-team defect Very High
#2542 Problem with downloading attachments in Tor Browser for OS X assigned defect Medium
#2609 Make trac send less mail new erinn enhancement Medium
#2671 Better communication for authority operators, core developers in emergency situations assigned task Medium
#2739 Clear Memory-Only Intermeditate Cert Store new tbb-team defect Medium
#2761 Orbot Service not shutting down accepted n8fr8 defect Medium
#2860 Research TCP connection patterns produced by web browsing assigned blanu task Low
#2877 Prevent TLS state from accumulating in Tor Browser new tbb-team defect Medium
#2926 Update Tor Browser Bundle documentation new tbb-team task Low
#2940 Adapt browser time based on tor's notion of clock skew... new tbb-team enhancement High
#2966 Include bridge country codes in sanitized bridge descriptors assigned metrics-team enhancement Low
#2981 Progress bar in an infinite loop while loading reopened n8fr8 defect Medium
#3081 Orbot start up problem/looping dialog new n8fr8 defect Medium
#3082 Orbot problems on rooted x10 with jit installed. assigned n8fr8 defect Medium
#3509 Torbutton won't display as a text box in the add-on bar. new tbb-team defect Medium
#3544 Add to menu option for TBB new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#3546 Disabling Third party cookies breaks some REcaptcha-using sites assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#3555 Pin *'s certs in TBB reopened tbb-team enhancement Medium
#3572 Disable Orbot transparent redirect for rfc1918 & localhost assigned n8fr8 defect Medium
#3591 We must implement the whole pluggable transports thing new project Medium
#3595 Connections with IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses bypass transproxy accepted n8fr8 defect High
#3600 Prevent redirects from transmitting+storing cookies+identifiers assigned pospeselr defect High
#3711 Application support for optimistic data: Torsocks needs_revision sysrqb task Medium
#3741 Provide a more discoverable way to move the toolbar button new pde enhancement Low
#3775 Permission error on Orbot accepted n8fr8 defect Medium
#3777 Should not generate mixed-content warnings if rewriting all http to https accepted pde defect Medium
#3780 GetTor and BridgeDB should share email processing code new enhancement Medium
#3781 Write a spec for GetTor assigned task Medium
#3799 Investigate methods for translating strings in Unixoid shell scripts needs_review traumschule task Medium
#3862 gettor should automatically include bridges in its answer new enhancement Low
#3863 Do something smarter with Windows Tor crash dumps new tbb-team task Medium
#3978 Better TBB about:config settings(?); re: browsing and loading speed, etc. assigned enhancement Medium
#3980 gettor should deliver checksums of our packages assigned enhancement Medium
#3994 Get TorBrowser in Debian new task Medium
#4079 Comb bw auth logs and fix or demote frequent ERRORs and WARNs new enhancement Medium
#4132 Email Cookie Monster author about better 3rd party support assigned task Medium
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