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#33766 DNS renumbering procedure fails if git server is unavailable needs_revision tpa defect High
#33314 RT spams TPA with bounces needs_review anarcat defect Very High
#31243 TPA-RFC-2: define how users get support, what's an emergency and what is supported merge_ready anarcat task Medium
#31226 add validation checks in puppet new tpa enhancement Medium
#32273 archive private information from SVN new task Medium
#33700 audio- and video-conferencing considerations assigned gaba project High
#33537 audit SVN accesses assigned gaba task Very High
#34036 audit access permissions in new task High
#31214 audit account-keyring new tpa task Medium
#33477 automate host retirement / decommissionning procedure assigned anarcat defect Medium
#31239 automate installs assigned anarcat enhancement Low
#33406 automate reboots accepted anarcat project Low
#31957 automate upgrades reopened hiro project Medium
#34424 backport fabric to debian buster assigned anarcat task High
#32558 clarify what happens to email when we retire a user new tpa task Medium
#29987 clear out unowned files on servers new tpa project Low
#30770 consider alternatives to the puppet mono-repo new tpa defect Medium
#29864 consider replacing nagios with prometheus new tpa project Low
#30009 consider trocla for secrets management in puppet needs_review anarcat project Low
#32462 convert existing varnish caches into nginx new anarcat task Medium
#33586 cupani's IP address hardcoded in many places new tpa defect Low
#33084 decomission kvm5, 9 VMs to migrate assigned weasel task Medium
#33276 decomission listera new tpa task High
#31969 deploy a puppet dashboard assigned anarcat project Medium
#31723 design help documents for the help service and provide support for new users new ggus task Medium
#32461 do not write logs on caching servers new anarcat defect Medium
#34425 document gitlab in our service docs assigned anarcat task High
#34436 document the static mirror network and onionbalance system better assigned anarcat task High
#34426 document ud-ldap and its architecture better assigned anarcat task Medium
#33786 establish the "standard" virtual machine / instance size in Ganeti new tpa task Low
#29677 evaluate password management options assigned tpa task Low
#29671 evaluate possible options for OpenPGP keyring maintenance assigned tpa task Low
#33288 forrestii/fpcentral still has stretch packages (mongodb) new cypherpunks defect High
#33785 ganeti allocator fails to allocate new instances assigned anarcat defect Medium
#33412 ganeti cluster backend is IPv4-only new tpa defect High
#34185 ganeti clusters don't like automatic upgrades assigned hiro defect High
#33810 ganeti monitoring assigned anarcat task Low
#33921 gitlab monitoring assigned hiro task Low
#30023 improve grafana authentication assigned anarcat task Medium
#30273 improve inventory of hardware resources new tpa project Low
#32519 improve user onboard/offboarding procedures new tpa defect Medium
#33062 investigate kreb's advice on DNS hijacking new tpa task Low
#29770 mails relayed from lists.tpo to bounces assigned qbi defect Medium
#31722 make a new product assignment page new hiro task Medium
#34371 make a real debian archive new tpa task Low
#32692 meronense database server crashes on I/O errors new tpa defect Medium
#30857 migrate (some projects? everything?) from trac to gitlab new project Medium
#34437 migrate help.tpo into a gitlab wiki assigned anarcat task Low
#33588 migrate to puppetserver and Puppet 6 before EOL new tpa project Low
#33602 monitor certificate transparency log new task Low
#29974 move critical services off, and then replace, moly assigned weasel project Medium
#30026 move grafana in a docker container assigned hiro project Low
#31784 move majus off of moly assigned weasel task Medium
#33332 move root passwords to trocla? assigned hiro task Low
#34304 new gnt-fsn node (fsn-node-07) assigned hiro task Medium
#32568 nextcloud collaborative "pad" synchronization breaks down with multiple users new nextcloud-admin@… defect Medium
#31633 publish HTML documentation of our puppet source new tpa enhancement Low
#33449 puppet: replace dsa_systemd with camptocamp systemd module new tpa task Very Low
#32901 puppetize Nagios assigned anarcat project Low
#34374 put trac readonly on june 12th 2020 assigned hiro task Very High
#33949 python 2 end of life coordination new tpa project Low
#32920 rebuild or replace scaleway boxes (scw-arm-*) new weasel task Medium
#34373 redirect to on dec 12th 2020 new qbi task Low
#29816 replace "Tor VM hosts" spreadsheet with Grafana dashboard assigned tpa task Medium
#32351 review our ssl ciphers suite needs_revision tpa task Medium
#34076 some hosts have a FQDN in host= in ldap assigned anarcat defect High
#30020 switch from our custom YAML implementation to Hiera accepted anarcat project Medium
#31242 switch root@ aliases and possibly other torproject-admin@ aliases to RT assigned anarcat task Medium
#33111 upgrade all metrics hosts to Debian buster new metrics-team task Medium
#33110 upgrade majus to debian buster new task Medium
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