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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#31994 localize gettor website assigned emmapeel task Medium
#32602 Consider what to do about locales used by very few people new emmapeel defect Medium
#32650 Check translations for bogus characters new emmapeel defect Medium
#2506 Design and implement a more compact GeoIP file format assigned endian7000 enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#2259 The "new ticket" page should contain good advice on how to write good tickets. new erinn enhancement Medium
#2609 Make trac send less mail new erinn enhancement Medium
#4260 [PATCH] Update TOR build instructions for mingw assigned erinn enhancement High Tor: unspecified
#5513 Trac wiki disclaimer new erinn enhancement Medium
#8586 Add ability to watch wiki pages new erinn enhancement Medium
#9513 Populate "Version" with entries that match the selected component. new erinn enhancement Medium
#9749 Include Link to Gitweb in MainNav again new erinn enhancement Medium
#13710 Make ticket descriptions editable by submitter new erinn enhancement Medium
#13995 Replace sensitive information upon submission new erinn enhancement Medium
#14102 Trac should be enabled to encrypt mails using PGP / GnuPG new erinn enhancement Medium
#15020 Preserve unsaved issue report or warn about data loss new erinn defect Medium
#15021 Clarify working with sources new erinn defect Medium
#15952 Whitelist EFF IP for Trac spam new erinn task Medium
#18111 Add ability to run Tor as Windows service new erinn enhancement Medium
#18130 Fold in pre 3.0 Tor Browser changelogs new erinn enhancement Medium
#18288 Sign Tor Browser binaries on Windows (not just the setup executable) new erinn enhancement Medium
#22972 tor expert bundle only read the first letter from config new erinn defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#9022 Create an XMPP pluggable transport accepted feynman task Medium
#16849 clear_status_flags_on_sybil might want to clear more flags needs_revision ffmancera defect High Tor: unspecified
#10557 Https everywhere rules not working at login pages new frank.breitling@… defect Medium
#17202 Shut down SVN and decomission the host (gayi) assigned gaba defect Medium
#26808 Publish policy documents on assigned ggus enhancement Medium
#27632 Get in contact with operators / supporters of hackspaces possibly interested in running a relay assigned ggus project Medium
#28526 Document how NGOs can run private obfs4 bridges, and get some doing it assigned ggus project Medium
#31063 GoodBad ISPs should move to community portal assigned ggus task Medium WebsiteV3
#31069 Create onion auth entries in portals assigned ggus defect Medium
#31296 simplify OpenPGP signature verification instructions reopened ggus defect Medium
#31723 design help documents for the help service and provide support for new users new ggus task Medium
#31877 Promote workshops on how to set up a bridge at relay operator meetups new ggus task Medium
#31990 How should we proceed with website mirrors? new ggus task Medium
#31993 Remove /doc/GoodBadISPs assigned ggus defect Medium
#32064 Make web searches for Tor Browser more useful new ggus task Medium
#32114 Tor and Tor Alpha on OS X Capitan new ggus defect Medium
#32120 Figure out what to do with hidden 'Learn More' link in about:preferences#tor in the 'Advanced' section new ggus defect Medium
#32127 Tor browser manual section on downloading using gettor is incomplete new ggus defect Medium
#32893 Automating the remote training cycle assigned ggus defect Medium
#32915 Cloudflare alt-svc failures cause spurious "DNS resolution error" in Tor Browser new ggus defect Medium
#33109 Make (and then use) a blog account policy assigned ggus task Medium
#33174 We want to have som automation to detect relay problems (both malicious and accidental) new ggus project Medium
#33450 Create a guide to help web site owners mitigate abuse from Tor without blocking non-abusive Tor users assigned ggus enhancement Medium
#33454 Update Tor Browser Manual Onion Services Section with HSv3 Client Authorization new ggus defect Medium
#33455 Update Community Portal Onion Services section with details on how to set up HSv3 client authorization new ggus task Medium
#33499 Create contact to Tor-friendly folks at Akamai new ggus task Medium
#33515 Add Onion Location redirection details to Tor Browser Manual Onion Services Section new ggus enhancement Medium
#33518 Create "Learn More" links in Tor Browser manual to explain common Onion Service connection errors new ggus enhancement Medium
#33652 Document v3 onion support in Tor Browser using Securedrop rulesets and HTTPSEverywhere new ggus task Medium
#33695 Setup process for repeatedly check for exits that can't handle DNS queries new ggus task Medium
#33875 versão do windows new ggus defect Medium
#33999 I can't finish installing Tor - Using Windows10 OS assigned ggus defect High
#34009 update legacy TorRelayGuide and Exit Notice HTML page w/r/t DNSEL changes new ggus defect Medium
#13694 Ship with native build instructions for windows assigned gk enhancement Medium Tor: unspecified
#18224 Tor control spec doesn't properly specify reply format assigned gk defect Medium Tor: unspecified
#20969 Detect relays that don't update their onion keys every 7 days. assigned gk enhancement Medium
#25021 Update Tor Browser spec for 9.0 assigned gk defect High
#30334 build_go_lib for executables? assigned gk enhancement Medium
#31294 Sign Tor Browser releases with an OpenPGP tool that includes Issuer Fingerprint subpackets assigned gk task Medium
#32389 Sandbox Graphite using RLBox for Linux needs_revision gk task Medium
#32895 Improve script to deal better with non-reproducible, signed macOS mar files needs_review gk enhancement Medium
#33067 DocTor should fetch microdesc consensus assigned gk defect Medium
#33158 Make DocTor Python 3 compatible new gk task Medium
#33168 Get new authenticode certificate set up on our signing machine assigned gk defect Medium
#33169 Set up new signing machine for non-macOS signing assigned gk task Medium
#33170 Set up Android signing token on the signing machine assigned gk defect Medium
#33179 Make a more fine-grained test for Arthur's exit scanning for detecting DNSSEC issues assigned gk enhancement Medium
#33180 Fix issues with bad relay scanners assigned gk defect Medium
#33181 We should look over all our bad relay scanners we have and document them assigned gk defect Medium
#33184 Support for Fenix assigned gk enhancement Very High
#33466 Create contact list of Tor-friendly people at large sites assigned gk task Medium
#33481 Update lucetc for RLBox on macOS needs_revision gk defect Medium
#33487 Prepare lucetc and wasi-sdk for macOS build for RLBox Support needs_revision gk defect Medium
#33488 lucetc does not procude reproducible .so/.dylib files assigned gk defect Medium
#33500 Figure out what we want to learn about the Akamai interface for Tor exit discrimination assigned gk defect Medium
#33556 Add TBB project for android-components assigned gk task Medium
#33557 Update Android Toolchain for Fenix merge_ready gk task High
#33558 Update TOPL To Use Updated Android Toolchain merge_ready gk defect High
#33559 Update tor-android-service To Use Updated Android Toolchain merge_ready gk defect High
#33561 Upgrade openssl to use Android NDK 20 merge_ready gk defect High
#33563 Upgrade Tor To Use Android NDK 20 merge_ready gk defect High
#33626 Add TBB project for GeckoView merge_ready gk task High
#33696 Integrate badexiting into the script assigned gk defect Medium
#33699 Create an exitmap module for DNS exit checks assigned gk project Medium
#33758 Fix exitmap related bad relay tests assigned gk defect Medium
#33760 Update rbm.conf to match NDK 20 needs_review gk defect High
#33832 For relays that change ip, only the measurements with the last ip are kept needs_information gk defect Medium sbws: 1.1.x-final
#33833 Upgrade Rust To Use Android NDK 20 needs_review gk defect High
#33927 Add tor-browser-build project for fenix assigned gk defect High
#33930 Tor binary we build seems to not getting picked up in nightly builds new gk defect Medium
#33932 Improve steps for creating gradle dependencies lists for projects needs_review gk enhancement Medium
#33936 Make our fetch-gradle-dependencies script smarter regarding dependency location assigned gk defect Medium
#33971 Document Authenticode code signing certificate renewal process assigned gk defect Medium
#33973 Create fat .aar for geckoview merge_ready gk task High
#34011 Bump clang version to 9.0.1 needs_review gk defect High
#34012 Bump cbindgen version to 0.14.1 needs_review gk defect High
#34013 Bump node version to v10.19 merge_ready gk defect High
#34014 Support sqlite3 in our python project needs_review gk defect High
#34108 Write script to keep track of toolchain changes assigned gk task Medium
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