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#28930 consider reordering PT/proxy phases Core Tor/Tor assigned ahf
#29736 Use WebSocket protocol to communicate between snowflake proxies and broker Obfuscation/Snowflake assigned ahf
#28531 Publish a snapshot of what PTs are needed for successful Tor use in each country Community/Outreach new alison
#19774 could use a favicon Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned antonela
#23565 document signs of client clock skew to ease troubleshooting Community/Tor Support assigned catalyst
#25061 Relays consider it a bootstrapping failure if they can't extend for somebody else's circuit Core Tor/Tor assigned catalyst
#27104 report intermediate status when building application circuits Core Tor/Tor assigned catalyst
#27308 report bootstrap phase when we actually start, not just unblock something Core Tor/Tor assigned catalyst
#28018 Improve accuracy and usefulness of information reported to controllers about bootstrap status Core Tor/Tor assigned catalyst
#28281 outline of high-level bootstrap tracker abstractions Core Tor/Tor assigned catalyst
#28925 distinguish PT vs proxy for real in bootstrap tracker Core Tor/Tor merge_ready catalyst
#29206 New design for client -- proxy protocol for Snowflake Obfuscation/Snowflake assigned cohosh
#29277 Look into getting default Tor bridges scanned by external reachability tests Obfuscation/Pluggable transport assigned cohosh
#29279 Reach out to NGOs to test obfs4 reachability Obfuscation/Obfsproxy assigned cohosh
#29297 Write reachability tests to verify if obfs4 is working or not Obfuscation/Obfsproxy needs_review cohosh
#29734 Broker should receive country stats information from Proxy and Client Obfuscation/Snowflake merge_ready cohosh
#28940 Add support for LOG to goptlib Obfuscation/Pluggable transport needs_review dcf
#9316 BridgeDB should export statistics Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned dgoulet
#12802 BridgeDB needs Nagios checks for the Email Distributor Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned dgoulet
#25899 Only run retry_dns() and check_dns_honesty() on exits Core Tor/Tor needs_revision dgoulet
#26154 Remove apt-get update from BridgeDB's .travis.yml to avoid SHA1 signature error Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned dgoulet
#28496 Consider dropping yahoo from the bridgedb email domains Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned dgoulet
#28655 If a bridge supports obfs4, don't give out its other flavors Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned dgoulet
#29229 Does anybody notice if the bridge auth goes away? Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned dgoulet
#29484 Update the requirements.txt and freeze them on release Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned dgoulet
#28526 Document how NGOs can run private obfs4 bridges, and get some doing it Community/Tor Support assigned ggus
#3781 Write a spec for GetTor Applications/GetTor needs_review kaner
#19332 Add a BridgeDB module Metrics/CollecTor new metrics-team
#26673 Record download times of smaller file sizes from partial completion times Metrics/Onionperf assigned metrics-team
#28529 Confirm that the strange onionoo flood is resolved Metrics/Analysis new metrics-team
#28555 Assess methodology for modern privcount Tor user counts Metrics/Analysis new metrics-team
#29269 Evaluation of bridge statistics Obfuscation/BridgeDB accepted nickm
#25483 Windows reproducible build of snowflake Obfuscation/Snowflake assigned sukhbir
#29184 Avoid giving out bridges that suffer from #28912 Obfuscation/BridgeDB new sysrqb
#29249 Assessment of moat for bridges Obfuscation/BridgeDB new sysrqb
#29686 filenames conflict on case-insensitive filesystems Obfuscation/BridgeDB new sysrqb
#23839 Testing Framework for Censorship Circumvention Applications/Tor Browser new tbb-team
#26920 Deploy Marionette as a Pluggable Transport Applications/Tor Browser new tbb-team
#28015 Brainstorm improved ux for orgs that want to give bridges to their people Applications/Tor Browser new tbb-team
#28556 Detect other installed circumvention tools and offer them as transports Applications/Tor Browser new tbb-team
#28803 Integrate building pluggable transports for Android into tor-browser-build Applications/Tor Browser needs_revision tbb-team
#20473 Fix Chutney Nodes that don't bootstrap Core Tor/Chutney assigned teor
#29689 Make Tor's consistent with chutney's Core Tor/Tor assigned teor
#29729 Work out which networks to run in Chutney's CI Core Tor/Chutney assigned teor
#19839 BridgeDB website: In firefox page shows titles in English and text in the language preferred by the user Obfuscation/BridgeDB needs_information traumschule
#28091 Port GetTor to python3 Applications/GetTor needs_revision traumschule
#28234 Update GetTor documentation Applications/GetTor merge_ready traumschule
#5211 Discuss other ways for the bridge authority to run bridge reachability tests Core Tor/Tor assigned
#7144 Implement Bridge Guards and other anti-enumeration defenses Core Tor/Tor new
#7349 Obfsbridges should be able to "disable" their ORPort Core Tor/Tor new
#9332 Implement whitelisting of (email_address, gpg_key_id) pairs for encrypted, automated email bridge distribution Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#10802 Getting bridges only for port 80,443 Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#10831 Captchas are not accessible for blind users Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#11330 Create a Hash Ring For Each Allowed Domain in the Email Distributor Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#11966 "Bootstrapped 20%: Asking for networkstatus consensus" is a lie for bridge users Core Tor/Tor needs_revision
#12030 Create a DatabaseManager for interacting with BridgeDB's database backends Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#12089 BridgedDB can be forced to email arbitrary email addresses Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#12505 Refactor BridgeDB's hashrings Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#12506 Separate BridgeDB databases from distributors Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#12507 Automate BridgeDB documentation builds Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#12537 Perhaps BridgeDB should supply decoys Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#12627 canonicalFromSMTP is not what we think it should be Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#12807 Implement an anonymous credential system for BridgeDB's Social Distributor Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#12957 Translation instruction about accesskey should be improved. Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#13727 BridgeDB should not distribute Tor Browser's default bridges Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#14453 Implement statistics gathering for number of Bridges-per-Transport in BridgeDB Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#15404 BridgeDB's email localisation isn't working Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#15457 Separate bridgedb.txrecaptcha into another package Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#15967 Separate BridgeDB's CAPTCHA into another service Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#16564 Add a line to bridge descriptors specifying they're bridges? Core Tor/Tor assigned
#16670 BridgeDB should be capable of verifying Ed25519 signatures Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#17548 shows outdated keys Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#17626 BridgeDB's email distributor doesn't work if the "get help" text is quoted Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#18076 Bridges email inconsistent + not receiving emails Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#19001 Tor Browser with Snowflake Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#19997 BridgeDB's get-tor-exits script doesn't account for IPv6 Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#20813 Start producing snowflakes Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#21314 snowflake-client needs to stop using my network when I'm not giving it requests Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#21814 Reduce binary size for client-only tor Core Tor/Tor new
#22755 Use stem to create test descriptors Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#23251 Parsing a networkstatus-bridges with flags only causes BridgeDB to hang Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#23521 detect if clock skew is probably really time zone misconfiguration Core Tor/Tor new
#23888 Creating a Snowflake WebExtension addon Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#24367 Changing pluggable transports (during start-up) in Tor Browser is broken Core Tor/Tor new
#24607 CAPTCHAs on BridgeDB seem to be getting more difficult Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#25528 When ClientTransportPlugin is missing, tor connects directly to bridge addresses, even if they have a transport name Core Tor/Tor new
#25593 Broker needs better resilience against DoS Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#25595 Test suite for Snowflake on various NAT topologies Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#25601 Multiplex - one snowflake proxy should be able to support multiple clients Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#25681 Defend against flooding of the broker by low bandwidth snowflakes Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#25713 "DisableNetwork is set" log message in Tor Browser scares/confuses users Core Tor/Tor new
#26348 Guard against large reads Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#26542 Distribute IPv6 bridges though Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#26543 Provide a language switcher menu on BridgeDB Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#26923 Intent to create Pluggable Transport: HTTPS proxy Obfuscation/Pluggable transport new
#27691 reset bootstrap progress when enough things change Core Tor/Tor new
#27984 bridgedb verifyHostname doesn't check subjectAltName extension Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#28232 Revive GetTor Applications/GetTor assigned
#28391 Make BridgeDB website mirrorable Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#28533 bridgesdb: replace the message to mail support with a link to the documentation Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#28672 Android reproducible build of Snowflake Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#28679 Bridge connections on startup Core Tor/Tor new
#28849 Handle dormant mode in process library and for PT's Core Tor/Tor new
#28942 Evaluate pion WebRTC Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#29024 Add pluggable-transport support to Chutney Core Tor/Chutney new
#29096 Run Moat using ptadapter Obfuscation/BridgeDB assigned
#29111 Optional heartbeat message from PT's Obfuscation/Pluggable transport new
#29114 Extended ORPort and TransportControlPort spec (#196) is "Finished" but not "Closed" Core Tor/Tor new
#29205 Look into using Firefox for the WebRTC implementation Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#29207 New design for broker -- proxy protocol for snowflakes Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#29245 Tor 0.4 eventually hits "Delaying directory fetches: No running bridges" after some period of inactivity with bridges Core Tor/Tor new
#29258 What is the IPv6 story with Snowflake Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#29259 Ensure high test coverage for Snowflake Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#29260 Should Snowflake proxies have a way to identify themselves to the broker Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#29262 Look into the network layer of WebRTC Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#29267 CI for pluggable transports Obfuscation new
#29272 Assess Marionette for interation with Tor Obfuscation/Pluggable transport new
#29274 Get developers using new PT alphas Obfuscation/Pluggable transport new
#29275 Get default bridges checked for reachability by OONI Obfuscation/Pluggable transport new
#29278 Assess HTTP proxy Obfuscation/Pluggable transport new
#29280 Use Chutney for CI Core Tor/Tor needs_review
#29282 Assess leekspin Core Tor/Leekspin new
#29283 Make PTs go dormant Obfuscation/Pluggable transport new
#29285 Improve the PT spec and how PTs interface with Tor Obfuscation/Pluggable transport new
#29286 Maintain obfs4 proxy Obfuscation/Obfsproxy new
#29287 Have backup PT in pipeline Obfuscation/Pluggable transport new
#29288 Look into Salmon Obfuscation/Pluggable transport new
#29293 New Design for client -- broker protocol for Snowflake Obfuscation/Snowflake new
#29296 Look into alternatives for distributing bridge info to clients Obfuscation/Pluggable transport new
#29490 Chutney fails (sometimes?) when tor is built with --enable-coverage Core Tor/Tor new
#29491 Chutney fails when Tor is built with --enable-nss Core Tor/Tor new
#29690 Add a comment to chutney's, reminding us to copy changes to tor's Core Tor/Chutney assigned
#29741 Work out how to fail chutney travis jobs when the tor repository is out of date or missing Core Tor/Chutney new
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