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#29385 assigned Adapt LDAP scripts to honour expiration dates weasel ln5
#29305 new Adapt LDAP to have expiration date and unix groups tpa qbi
#17467 assigned Add proposals to tpa nickm
#29381 new Add to LDAP expiration date and list of "stakeholders" tpa ln5
#29384 assigned Add to LDAP, for each group, an expiration date weasel ln5
#29382 new Add to LDAP, for each host, expiration date and list of "stakeholders" tpa ln5
#29383 assigned Add to LDAP, for each user account, an expiration date weasel ln5
#29390 new Ask owners of all torproject.<ccTLD> to stop serving the zone tpa ln5
#29410 new Can Prometheus help with multiple checks turning into one single alarm? tpa ln5
#20122 reopened Create VM for Tor Browser tests tpa boklm
#29398 new Create a template for requesting infrastructure resources tpa ln5
#29788 new Create email alias to core contributor Vinícius Zavam (egypcio) tpa ggus
#29416 new Decide whom to buy NC from and apply for resources tpa ln5
#29415 new Evaluating NextCloud as replacement for Sandstorm and SVN tpa ln5
#29412 new Find co-maintainers for hiro tpa ln5
#29413 new Find out who could help maintain tpa ln5
#29414 new Find out who could help maintain tpa ln5
#29411 new Find out who should be on tormedia and who could be a co-maintainer tpa ln5
#29409 assigned Host-alive checks (ping) on IPv6 weasel ln5
#29386 assigned Implement and deploy script for spamming people about account, group and host expiration weasel ln5
#29405 new Install new box and configure bacula on it tpa ln5
#29380 new Link to db.tpo from infrastructure page, for service expiration dates tpa ln5
#29304 new Manage the lifecycle of systems tpa qbi
#29379 new Maybe shut down VM's automatically when they expire? tpa ln5
#29402 new New VM for gitlab tpa ln5
#28769 new Please change email forwarding (several items) tpa ewyatt
#29774 new Please create tpa hiro
#29387 assigned Publish our puppet repository tpa ln5
#29403 new Replace current backup box with a newer one tpa ln5
#29406 new Retire brulloi tpa ln5
#29399 new Retire host and services for tordnsel and check tpa ln5
#29400 new Set up a Gitlab instance tpa ln5
#29393 new Set up a loghost tpa ln5
#29392 new Update the infrastructure page with input from DNS and LDAP tpa ln5
#16214 new Upgrade Sphinx for Stem's site tpa atagar
#29306 assigned Write a script to mail people informing them about expiration of their service weasel qbi
#29417 new [Nextcloud] Find test group and give them data to work with tpa ln5
#10341 new [hw14] Move existing VMs to new hardware/cluster tpa phobos
#10338 assigned [hw14] Upgrade Tor's virtual machine infrastructure tpa phobos
#29677 assigned evaluate password management options tpa anarcat
#29671 assigned evaluate possible options for OpenPGP keyring maintenance tpa anarcat
#23035 new make CRM able to receive mail tpa weasel
#6367 assigned make dedicated sudo passwords weasel weasel
#29822 new prometheus server cannot reach build-arm* boxes tpa anarcat
#29816 new replace "Tor VM hosts" spreadsheet with Grafana dashboard tpa anarcat
#29681 new replace munin with prometheus and grafana tpa anarcat
#20319 needs_revision set HPKP headers on onionoo tpa weasel
#29337 assigned setup/evaluate mandos weasel weasel
#29674 assigned silence or uninstall logwatch tpa anarcat
#29336 new split git from gitweb.tpo tpa weasel
#29796 new synchronize puppet and LDAP hosts tpa anarcat
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