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#13450 BwAuth is leaving ~10% of relays unmeasured new aagbsn defect Very High
#3440 Split bwauth children more equally assigned aagbsn enhancement High
#3701 PyTorCtl shouldn't os.kill() itself new defect High
#3723 Report version of bwscanners in votes assigned aagbsn enhancement High
#4015 BwAuthority postgres scanner freezes with changes from #3679 TorCtl Event Parsing Rewrite reopened aagbsn defect High
#4271 Perform some integrity checking in bw auth fetches assigned aagbsn defect High
#4445 Gather WARN and ERROR log lines from bwauth children in assigned aagbsn enhancement High
#4708 Implement bwauth cap for latency assigned aagbsn enhancement High
#4709 Implement bwauth cap for TCP socket exhaustion assigned aagbsn enhancement High
#4730 Bwauth: Use only "slow" measurements for positive feedback assigned aagbsn defect High
#4909 bwscan never cleans up log files assigned aagbsn defect High
#5457 Bw auths don't count circuit failures in descriptor mode new mikeperry defect High
#5459 Exit scanner should scan for Guard <-> Exit reachability assigned aagbsn defect High
#5885 is not attaching the bad content file new aagbsn defect High
#7025 Support Tor 0.2.3.x control port event keyword reordering new aagbsn defect High
#7281 Bandwidth auths should publish average and weighted onionskin failure rates new aagbsn enhancement High
#8684 bwauth files don't include opinions about Authorities assigned aagbsn defect High
#14177 bwauth spends some 40 minutes "updating rank history". Every hour. new aagbsn defect High
#15238 Improve or replace TorFlow new aagbsn enhancement High
#16559 bwauth code needs to be smarter about failed circuits new aagbsn defect High
#16667 BWauth / scanner 'longclaw' measurments not updating since 7/22 new aagbsn defect High
#16923 Torflow Measured=N value does not update for overloaded relays returning HTTP 503 assigned defect High
#2017 ExitAuthority should be easier to run+resilient new mikeperry defect Medium
#2043 soat with --target never ends? new mikeperry defect Medium
#2550 bwauth should reschedule quicker bandwidth test when bandwidthrate changes? new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#2742 Improved flushing of bw auth scanner log message output? new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#2818 Move SoaT to proper FF automation framework new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#2888 Testing framework/dataset for bw auths new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#3170 copyright and license missing assigned mikeperry enhancement Medium
#3798 BwAuthority does not exit cleanly; Traceback in _eventLoop at exit assigned defect Medium
#3956 BwAuthority Socks5Error 'Connection Refused' correlated with a single exit new mikeperry defect Medium
#4003 Review and merge exit scanner + torctl patches new mikeperry task Medium
#4079 Comb bw auth logs and fix or demote frequent ERRORs and WARNs new aagbsn enhancement Medium
#4097 KeyError in self.node_map[exit_node[1:]] new mikeperry defect Medium
#4269 Improve slice handling in bw auths new mikeperry defect Medium
#4270 Provide optimized postgres config for bw scanners new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#4272 choose_url throws confusing exception in bw auth new mikeperry defect Medium
#4359 Minimize time between new relay appearing and having some bw vote for it new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#4416 Missing ssl file causes Traceback in new mikeperry defect Medium
#4524 Soat: should remove/relocate old result files new mikeperry defect Medium
#4908 bwauth fails to parse something new mikeperry defect Medium
#4910 bwauthpid has confusing parameter names assigned aagbsn enhancement Medium
#5464 Decentralized measurement for network load balancing assigned arma enhancement Medium
#5933 Soat does not report FailureExitTruncation on truncated content. new aagbsn defect Medium
#5953 Soat NoneType traceback in mime_type new aagbsn defect Medium
#6582 Adapt Exit Scanner to Firefox automation framework new aagbsn project Medium
#7177 Understand how accurate the bandwidth authority estimates are new aagbsn project Medium
#8688 bwauths need to upgrade (to start measuring even non-Fast relays) assigned aagbsn enhancement Medium
#9234 refresh BwAuthority and deployment instructions new aagbsn enhancement Medium
#9369 Move the bwauths to be relays, so they won't get throttled new aagbsn enhancement Medium
#9762 Make a torflow option that starts every testing circuit at a local Tor relay first new aagbsn enhancement Medium
#9788 Torflow BandwidthAuthority url lists are baked into source new aagbsn defect Medium
#9789 TorFlow BandwidthAuthority sleep schedule new aagbsn defect Medium
#10609 unhappy with input data new aagbsn defect Medium
#10791 Detect overtuned exit relays new aagbsn defect Medium
#11640 bwauth, fails on freebsd new aagbsn defect Medium
#13449 bwauth takes a long time to scan the network new aagbsn defect Medium
#13630 Bandwidth Authority Renovation new aagbsn project Medium
#13740 Update Documentation and Shell Scripts new aagbsn defect Medium
#14714 bws-*-done-* files contain only two lines new aagbsn defect Medium
#15500 faravahar is missing to vote HSDir and Stable too often new aagbsn defect Medium
#15876 bwauth: load certs from disk new aagbsn defect Medium
#16258 Add "libssl-dev" and "C compiler" to bwauth dependencies needs_review aagbsn defect Medium
#16323 BWAuth on FreeBSD 10 new aagbsn defect Medium
#17064 scanner.9 in torflow/bwauth failing new aagbsn defect Medium
#17482 The longer a bwauth runs, the slower it goes new aagbsn defect Medium
#17810 TorFlow should ignore self-reported bandwidths when measuring relays new aagbsn defect Medium
#20452 macOS and BSD don't support readlink -f in bwauth needs_review aagbsn defect Medium
#20454 Work out why BwAuth doesn't work on macOS needs_review aagbsn defect Medium
#20455 bwauth cron scripts need to be run in the BwAuthority directory needs_review aagbsn defect Medium
#20466 Replacing python path sometimes breaks bwauths new aagbsn defect Medium
#20475 Setting bwscanner min_exits to 1 causes no exits to be selected new aagbsn defect Medium
#20504 When there is only one slice and one scanner, a bwauth runs a second empty slice new aagbsn defect Medium
#20505 make min_bw configurable in bwauths new aagbsn defect Medium
#20603 TorFlow's PathSupport can use path_selector when uninitialised needs_review aagbsn defect Medium
#20619 bwauths don't handle NEWCONSENSUS event correctly needs_review aagbsn defect Medium
#20797 Exclude authorities from bandwidth scanning new aagbsn defect Medium
#21697 torflow bwfiles maybe should be updated needs_review aagbsn defect Medium
#21698 Add a 128M file for really fast relays new aagbsn enhancement Medium
#21990 Use a sensible default set of bandwidth servers new aagbsn enhancement Medium
#21991 Allow bandwidth scanners to use non-Exits to access onion addresses new aagbsn enhancement Medium
#21995 Set PreferIPv6 on Bandwidth Scanner SOCKSPorts new aagbsn enhancement Medium
#22031 Write a bandwidth server file creator and file checker new aagbsn enhancement Medium
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