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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#9460 Tor AppArmor profile prevents obfsproxy from starting needs_review weasel defect High
#10752 Missing Tor Onion After Relay Completion new debkdarlin defect High
#12687 Update to Debian documentation new erinn task High
#1877 Create repository and package signing keys accepted erinn task Medium Deliverable-December2010
#3476 debian package: HashedControlPassword auth fails when CookieAuthentication is enabled assigned arma defect Medium
#4076 Investigate speed improvements in 64-bit builds new erinn task Medium
#5213 enable tor-fw-helper needs_review erinn task Medium
#5618 Set up buildbots to create nightly builds for all our packages new erinn project Medium
#5822 Windows installers to add firewall exceptions new erinn defect Medium
#6948 Shared memory for zygote mind meld new erinn enhancement Medium
#7681 Wrap Tails inside a VM, where the outer VM runs Tor and handles the network new defect Medium
#8288 security, relability and repeatability issues in the TBB build process new erinn enhancement Medium
#8490 Package and provide Pyobfsproxy bridge bundle new erinn task Medium
#8525 ask build dependency maintainers to get HTTPS and GPG reopened erinn enhancement Medium
#9617 TOR for SYNOLOGY NAS assigned task Medium
#9820 oficially offer win64 version of tor new erinn enhancement Medium
#10026 progress on Win64 Tor assigned mikeperry enhancement Medium
#10606 about:tor may fetch the "you're using Tor" page from browser cache new erinn defect Medium
#10613 Adding Firefox Addon "Blender" into default addons of Tor? new erinn enhancement Medium
#10733 Standalone Vidalia won't launch on Fedora 19+ new erinn defect Medium
#10772 Torbutton/Noscript plugin settings ambiguous to user new erinn defect Medium
#10919 TBB 3.x does not show up in Launchpad on MacOS new erinn defect Medium
#10980 Build the Tor Browser User Manual when build the Tor Browser Bundle new task Medium
#11013 Windows installer's language should default to the bundle's language new erinn defect Medium
#11024 Have a TBB test suite new boklm task Medium
#11027 Make the TBB test suite work on Mac OS X new boklm task Medium
#11031 TBB Test suite: check that the noscript extension is functional new boklm task Medium
#11032 TBB Test suite: check that the new identity button works new boklm task Medium
#11033 TBB Test suite: check that the tor browser supports WebSockets new boklm task Medium
#11034 TBB Test suite: check that we can visit .onion web sites new boklm task Medium
#11035 TBB Test suite: check browser localization new boklm task Medium
#11037 TBB Test suite: remanence checks new boklm task Medium
#11038 TBB Test suite: Fingerprint test new boklm task Medium
#11083 TBB Test suite: check that tor-launcher is working new boklm task Medium
#11096 Randomize MAC address before start of Tor new erinn enhancement Medium
#11167 Include bookmarks to SecureDrop sites in the Tor Browser Bundle new erinn enhancement Medium
#11193 Change Tor Browser Bundle to Tor Browser in package strings, download pages, and docs new erinn enhancement Medium
#11249 Publish logs from failed TBB builds new ln5 enhancement Medium
#11268 Encourage webroot antivirus to scan TBB releases new erinn task Medium
#11517 Ukrainian Tor Browser Bundle new erinn defect Medium
#11652 Review text of Tor Browser User Manual new task Medium
#11698 Decide how to incorporate Tor Browser Manual pages into Tor Browser new defect Medium
#11789 Update now link in old TBB does not point to latest version new erinn defect Medium
#12387 (Some) Pluggable Transport binaries are not stripped assigned mikeperry defect Medium
#12393 adjust Standalone Vidalia packages for TBB 4.x new erinn defect Medium
#12394 TBB installation overrides config files new erinn defect Medium TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable
#12397 Tor Browser should proactively identify missing dependencies and suggest resolution new erinn defect Medium
#12418 TBBs with UBSan create lots of errors when running new erinn defect Medium
#12454 many PT components ship with "test" or "tests" directories new dcf defect Medium
#12865 Two installer construction instructions is one too many. assigned mttp defect Medium
#12968 Specify high-entropy ASLR in MinGW-W64 new erinn enhancement Medium
#13154 Debian's "popularity contest" package as threat vector? accepted saint enhancement Medium
#13615 Repo required for ubuntu utopic new erinn defect Medium
#13716 Tor daemon apparmor profile breaks bridge restarts on Ubuntu 14.04 assigned weasel defect Medium
#15274 Tor does not output any error messages from init script's log_action_end_msg() new erinn defect Medium
#16505 Install to Different Location than Default Fail new erinn defect Medium
#16714 Debian package for Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 12.04 provides /etc/init.d/tor with wrong AppArmor configuration new erinn defect Medium
#18022 start-tor-browser.desktop parameter passing broken on spaces needs_review erinn defect Medium
#18111 Add ability to run Tor as Windows service new erinn enhancement Medium
#18130 Fold in pre 3.0 Tor Browser changelogs new erinn enhancement Medium
#18287 Use SHA-2 signature for Tor Browser setup executables new erinn enhancement Medium
#18288 Sign Tor Browser binaries on Windows (not just the setup executable) new erinn enhancement Medium
#9313 RunAsDaemon=1 reported as "Unneeded torrc entry" new erinn defect Low
#12113 Building libevent/openssl on Windows without exception handling would reduce dependencies new erinn defect Low
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