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#4716 vidalia-0.2.15-1~oneiric tries to start a per-user Tor with system-wide settings assigned dererk defect blocker
#8346 Vidalia Bundles have bad signatures reopened erinn defect blocker
#9137 Changing the value for SocksPort requires 2 edit cycles. needs_review erinn defect blocker
#5927 GeoIP file doesn't get placed correctly new erinn defect critical
#1348 check downloaded files known-good crypto checksum needs_review erinn enhancement major
#3757 Tor 'Expert Bundle' for Windows does not install files into default directory needs_review erinn defect major
#4635 Vidalia Bundle must be installed by the user account it is to run in new erinn defect major
#5606 deb package with all signing pgp keys assigned task major
#7340 Vidalia Bundle and Firefox Portable. new erinn defect major
#9145 TBB 3.0a1 crashes on startup on Win7 (TorBrowser has stopped working) reopened erinn defect major
#9402 Vidalia Bridge Bundle: Wrong path to tor.exe prevents vidalia from starting tor new erinn defect major
#9460 Tor AppArmor profile prevents obfsproxy from starting needs_review weasel defect major
#10752 Missing Tor Onion After Relay Completion new debkdarlin defect major
#10760 Integrate TorButton and TorLauncher to TorBrowser core to prevent users from disabling them new erinn defect major
#12687 Update to Debian documentation new erinn task major
#1877 Create repository and package signing keys accepted erinn task normal Deliverable-December2010
#2078 document settings in tor browser bundles needs_review erinn defect normal
#2631 Newest version of Vidalia aren't in repository for Ubuntu assigned ioerror enhancement normal
#2918 Audit pidgin for leaks and other privacy issues needs_review ioerror project normal
#3197 m:/tor-mingw/tbb-erinn.git/build-scripts/build-stable-windows/built/share\tor\fallback-consensus new erinn defect normal
#3476 debian package: HashedControlPassword auth fails when CookieAuthentication is enabled assigned arma defect normal
#4076 Investigate speed improvements in 64-bit builds new erinn task normal
#4131 Ubuntu Hardy Outdated Tor new ioerror defect normal
#4623 Windows Vidalia relay bundle needs review new Shondoit task normal
#4925 Windows can't run Vidalia Bundle and Tor Browser Bundle at the same time reopened erinn defect normal
#5213 enable tor-fw-helper needs_review erinn task normal
#5345 Add some inline documentation for the torbrowser build process needs_review mikeperry enhancement normal
#5349 TBB 'start-tor-browser' --debug option creates huge logs. needs_review erinn defect normal
#5359 Exit Nodes not working new erinn defect normal
#5400 ASLR broken by non-ASLR DLLs new erinn defect normal
#5476 Wrong Geoip DB Installation Path new erinn defect normal Vidalia: 0.2.15
#5567 Replace Tor ‘Expert Bundle’ installer with a plain zip file new erinn defect normal
#5612 Improve obfsproxy bridge bundles assigned project normal
#5618 Set up buildbots to create nightly builds for all our packages new erinn project normal
#5664 Vidalia installer does not launch during download in 64-bit Windows 7 new erinn defect normal
#5713 Tor Browser Bundle - 2.2.35-10 - Vidalia Won't Stay On GTK+ Setting reopened erinn defect normal TorBrowserBundle 2.2.x-stable
#5746 Build Qt from source on Windows needs_review erinn enhancement normal
#5803 Vidalia Relay Bundle MS Win 7 64-bit installer - Vidalia can't launch Tor.exe new erinn defect normal
#5820 Vidalia Relay Bundle installer starts relay on Administrator login new erinn defect normal
#5821 Vidalia Relay Bundle Start menu items incorrect new erinn defect normal
#5822 Windows installers to add firewall exceptions new erinn defect normal
#5913 Check hashes for the packages downloaded during TBB build needs_review erinn enhancement normal
#5964 Tor does not start at boot on Windows Vista new erinn defect normal
#6165 Add --debug option for Windows' RelativeLink needs_review erinn defect normal
#6263 Vidalia Bridge Bundle Logs DirPort Warnings new erinn defect normal
#6432 Make WIX_DIR order-only dep needs_review erinn defect normal
#6433 Assure patching source succeeded needs_review erinn defect normal
#6948 Shared memory for zygote mind meld new erinn enhancement normal
#7630 vidalia for MacOSX has incorrect library paths new erinn defect normal
#7649 Vidalia bridge/relay/exit bundles missing libssp-0.dll reopened erinn defect normal
#7681 Wrap Tails inside a VM, where the outer VM runs Tor and handles the network new defect normal
#7975 Tor fails to compile on EL5.8/x86_64 needs_review defect normal
#8288 security, relability and repeatability issues in the TBB build process new erinn enhancement normal
#8374 Ship list of fallback directory mirrors on long-term fixed IPv6 addresses accepted karsten enhancement normal
#8376 Tor expert bundle requires "Run as Administrator" to install on Win 7 (and Win 8?) assigned erinn defect normal
#8383 Tor alpha does not create Start menu entry in Windows 7 new erinn defect normal
#8426 GeoIP files missing from Vidalia Bundles new erinn defect normal
#8490 Package and provide Pyobfsproxy bridge bundle new erinn task normal
#8525 ask build dependency maintainers to get HTTPS and GPG reopened erinn enhancement normal
#9617 TOR for SYNOLOGY NAS assigned task normal
#9808 WinXP 32bit SP3 Strange quirk/shortcut bug new erinn defect normal
#9820 oficially offer win64 version of tor new erinn enhancement normal
#10026 progress on Win64 Tor assigned mikeperry enhancement normal
#10034 TB breaks if control settings are changed new erinn defect normal
#10100 New functionality for TBB's Vidalia new erinn enhancement normal
#10204 Port Vidalia bundles to Gitian new erinn project normal
#10288 What purpose of TBB? new defect normal
#10560 Tor RPM packages: TORPIDDIR none existing needs_review erinn defect normal
#10606 about:tor may fetch the "you're using Tor" page from browser cache new erinn defect normal
#10607 Tor Browser Bundle 3.5 holds open files (gvfsd-metadata) new erinn defect normal
#10613 Adding Firefox Addon "Blender" into default addons of Tor? new erinn enhancement normal
#10626 onion won't peel new erinn defect normal
#10650 PTTB not available on mirrors new erinn defect normal
#10704 TBB 3.5 hangs under OS X on certain sites (possibly a JavaScript problem) new erinn defect normal
#10720 NSIS scripts can request Windows to avoid registry writes? new erinn defect normal
#10727 Tor Browser segmentation fault new erinn defect normal
#10730 Privacy leak ONLY on Ubuntu 13.10/Unity using default official Tor Browser Bundle (including Vidalia issues) new erinn defect normal
#10733 Standalone Vidalia won't launch on Fedora 19+ new erinn defect normal
#10750 Bypass FIrefox-specific features from Tor Browser new erinn defect normal
#10763 Torbrowser does not work on FreeBSD new erinn defect normal
#10772 Torbutton/Noscript plugin settings ambiguous to user new erinn defect normal
#10919 TBB 3.x does not show up in Launchpad on MacOS new erinn defect normal
#10980 Build the Tor Browser User Manual when build the Tor Browser Bundle new task normal
#11013 Windows installer's language should default to the bundle's language new erinn defect normal
#11024 Have a TBB test suite new boklm task normal
#11027 Make the TBB test suite work on Mac OS X new boklm task normal
#11031 TBB Test suite: check that the noscript extension is functional new boklm task normal
#11032 TBB Test suite: check that the new identity button works new boklm task normal
#11033 TBB Test suite: check that the tor browser supports WebSockets new boklm task normal
#11034 TBB Test suite: check that we can visit .onion web sites new boklm task normal
#11035 TBB Test suite: check browser localization new boklm task normal
#11037 TBB Test suite: remanence checks new boklm task normal
#11038 TBB Test suite: Fingerprint test new boklm task normal
#11039 TBB test suite: network leak test new boklm task normal
#11083 TBB Test suite: check that tor-launcher is working new boklm task normal
#11096 Randomize MAC address before start of Tor new erinn enhancement normal
#11154 Tor TLS and Security Cipher new erinn defect normal
#11167 Include bookmarks to SecureDrop sites in the Tor Browser Bundle new erinn enhancement normal
#11193 Change Tor Browser Bundle to Tor Browser in package strings, download pages, and docs new erinn enhancement normal
#11214 Gmail talkgadget/hangouts/chat infinite loop new erinn defect normal
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