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Ticket Summary Priority Severity Reporter Modified
#19956 "uptime" is wrong Medium Normal toralf 13 months ago
#12942 ATLAS Medium zamboni 3 years ago
#18924 Add <noscript> message Medium Normal karsten 19 months ago
#10401 Add IPv6 icon to Atlas Medium Normal hsn 46 hours ago
#22147 Add Onionoo's exit_addresses field Medium Normal cypherpunks 11 days ago
#21636 Add a NoEdConsensus flag to Atlas Medium Normal teor 2 months ago
#22057 Add a link to the Atlas wiki page Medium Normal cypherpunks 7 months ago
#24274 Add a search box at the top right corner of the new Atlas page High Normal dgoulet 3 days ago
#22303 Add an offline mode Medium Normal cypherpunks 6 months ago
#9348 Add average/burst/observed bandwidth to Atlas' details page Low Normal karsten 19 months ago
#9231 Add consensus weight to relay info Medium hsn 4 years ago
#7939 Add details on what the relay flags mean Medium Normal hellais 19 months ago
#24380 Add family url to details page as well Medium Normal cypherpunks 3 days ago
#11497 Add fractions of bridge clients by country, transport, and IP version Medium Normal karsten 7 months ago
#5892 Add list of favorite relays/bridges Medium karsten 5 years ago
#11348 Add new graphs on average users per bridge and fractional uptime per relay/bridge to Atlas Medium Normal karsten 7 months ago
#21368 Add number of effective family members to search output page Medium Normal cypherpunks 4 days ago
#22185 Add red unmeasured icon to properties Medium Normal cypherpunks 11 days ago
#19539 Add red/green circles to indicate uptime/downtime Medium Normal twim 15 months ago
#23511 Add top 10 relays per country Medium Normal irl 2 months ago
#5430 Add top-10 relays by bandwidth history to Atlas? Low Normal karsten 17 months ago
#23160 Adding flag makes list empty while seach result contains the flag Medium Normal qbi 2 months ago
#6233 Advanced searches in Atlas Medium Normal hellais 19 months ago
#21970 Alerts linger on the top 10 page Medium Normal cypherpunks 7 months ago
#22290 Atlas Bandwidth and Uptime columns sort by text not value Medium Normal teor 6 months ago
#7885 Atlas Fails on old Exit Node Low cypherpunks 5 years ago
#12775 Atlas No Longer Working Medium justin.ramos@… 3 years ago
#15063 Atlas Search error Medium NWM-tor 3 years ago
#23974 Atlas behaves strangely Medium Normal Lovegiver 4 weeks ago
#5755 Atlas could show "fraction of Tor network by weight" graphs over time? Medium arma 5 years ago
#20649 Atlas display for missing GeoIP info could be improved Medium Normal teor 9 months ago
#10523 Atlas does not show IPv6 accept6 policy Medium Normal torland 19 months ago
#5445 Atlas doesn't handle Onionoo's HTTPS redirects correctly High karsten 6 years ago
#9853 Atlas fault - query not properly formatted Medium Robert 4 years ago
#12565 Atlas gived me error at relay questioning Medium spectre 3 years ago
#12991 Atlas gives no information for relays High dongxi 3 years ago
#6945 Atlas has no search box Medium rransom 5 years ago
#21412 Atlas incorrectly reporting MyFamily Low Minor saint 10 months ago
#6273 Atlas internal server error Medium Aymeric 4 years ago
#16668 Atlas is down Very High atagar 2 years ago
#17326 Atlas not showing 3-day and 1-week graphs for bytes read/wriiten by node Medium Normal torqc 19 months ago
#10489 Atlas not working at all Medium mwolfe 4 years ago
#20846 Atlas report wrong geoip information (maybe outdated) Medium Normal naif 12 months ago
#23156 Atlas returns no results on certain valid searches Medium Normal phoul 4 months ago
#21373 Atlas search for contact info Medium Normal teor 10 months ago
#10883 Atlas should explain how users can search for their bridge Medium Normal karsten 13 months ago
#9814 Atlas should make clear when relay details come from outdated consensus High Normal wfn 2 months ago
#10184 Atlas should validate search input Low Normal karsten 10 months ago
#20374 Atlas should warn its users if Onionoo serves outdated data High Normal karsten 9 months ago
#11576 Atlas shows "uptime" when it means "downtime" Medium massar 4 years ago
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