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#20733 Onionoo downloads html Medium Normal iwakeh 4 years ago
#16599 Onionoo feature: family ID Medium Normal virgilgriffith 4 years ago
#6309 Onionoo generates invalid JSON Medium lunar 8 years ago
#25138 Onionoo is not updating Immediate Major why 3 years ago
#23958 Onionoo not fetching the bridge descriptor correctly? Very High Normal dgoulet 3 years ago
#12797 Onionoo only returns one of two matches from its search index Very High karsten 6 years ago
#32062 Onionoo release does not contain jetty-servlets JAR Very High Normal irl 12 months ago
#13658 Onionoo reports Bridge "advertised_bandwidth" as zero when "Bandwidth" is non-zero Medium eli 3 years ago
#10850 Onionoo says platform is “Tor on Linux” on BSD systems Medium lunar 7 years ago
#19249 Onionoo server runs out of memory when importing a full month of data Medium Normal karsten 10 months ago
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