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#31247 inconsistent response data (not all fields provided) on details document requests Medium Normal nusenu 8 weeks ago
#31400 Add Onionoo's master branch to GitLab's CI Medium Normal karsten 6 weeks ago
#31952 javax.xml.bind is not longer part of the JRE High Normal irl 2 weeks ago
#31966 Release Onionoo 7.0-1.20.0 Medium Normal karsten 2 weeks ago
#31956 OnionOO problem serving bandwidth documents Medium Normal starlight 2 weeks ago
#31953 IllegalStateException on fresh instances High Normal irl 6 days ago
#32062 Onionoo release does not contain jetty-servlets JAR Very High Normal irl 6 days ago
#31941 Old reverse DNS lookups are sometimes not cleared properly Medium Normal karsten 2 days ago
#32142 Release Onionoo 7.0-1.21.0 Medium Normal karsten 44 hours ago
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