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#21708 worksforme Orbot/application < >

Running Orbot latest application on my Android just turned it on today, its no work yesterday it was fine before i shut down my phone and set to relay Log

Set background service to FOREGROUND Orbot is starting... Orbot is starting... updating settings in Tor service updationg torrc custom configuration. . . success. Orbot is starting... Tor(1): Unable to start Tor: java.lang.Exception: Torrc config did not verify TorService is shutting down Orbot is deactivated

#28350 duplicate Request for a Tor Circuit site which appears to be in the USA < apparent IP address > CrisBCT

Here in Europe I frequently find that a US site won't allow me to visit because I'm not in the USA. eg. reports "Access Denied".

And I do know that "New Tor Circuit for this Site" will give another apparent location, but not necessarily a US location.

To resolve this problem TOR needs an enhancement to be able to request an apparent IP address for the Tor Circuit site which is in the USA...

Please add this to the requested enhancements list, as

#19866 not a bug surfing web < default >up tazz

Checking it out for first time

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