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#4758 duplicate TorButton requires Navigation Bar mikeperry 4c35238b

Using TorButton with Firefox v8.0.1 on Windows XP32.

After installation of TorButton to a copy of Firefox configured with the Navigation Bar disabled, no TorButton icon is displayed on the UI. Using the Firefox UI 'Customise...' menu allows the TorButton button to be manually added to the Firefox Add-on/Menu bar though then leaves the button unclickable. If the Navigation Bar is then enabled the button starts to work, even though still located on the Add-on/Menu bar.

It appears to require the Navigation Bar be enabled in order to function.

#5884 worksforme Loads incorrect default startup page 4c35238b

My Firefox configuration is:

When Firefox starts: 'Show a blank page'

However, when exiting Firefox with TorButton enabled, upon the next startup TorButton instructs Firefox to open the browser default homepage rather than about:blank as it should.

#2168 fixed Privoxy file missing from Orbot n8fr8 4u2guess

On Google Android Devphone 1 with firmware 1.6 and using Orweb version 1 with Orbot Version 11 (Which is the first release in the Android market): When Privoxy encounters Error 500 I get the message

500 Internal Privoxy Error Privoxy encountered an error while processing your request:

Could not load template file forwarding - failed or one of its included components.

Please contact your proxy administrator.

If you are the proxy administrator, please put the required file(s)in the (confdir)/templates directory. The location of the (confdir) directory is specified in the main Privoxy config file. (It's typically the Privoxy Install directory, or /etc/privoxy/).

As a user rather than a technogeek, I have no idea how to fix this, but I think it should be in the Orbot installation package.

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