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#48 Fixed assertion failure: resolve->pending_connection nickm

Reported by Giorgos P.

Dec 31 07:50:01.038 [err] dns.c:399: dns_cancel_pending_resolve: Assertion resolve->pending_connections failed; aborting.

_probably_ unrelated to other warning:

Dec 30 15:46:29.338 [warn] connection_dns_reached_eof(): Read eof. Worker died unexpectedly.

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#49 Fixed AllowUnverifiedNodes string keeps growing Aphex

When saving the AllowUnverifiedNodes in response to a SAVECONF control message, the old values are written out as well.

"AllowUnverifiedNodes middle,rendezvous"


"AllowUnverifiedNodes middle,rendezvous,middle,rendezvous"

and so on...

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#50 Fixed HiddenServiceDir not being parsed correctly nickm Aphex

When sending SETCONF messages with a hidden service configured, it complains about missing HiddenServiceDir. (NOTE: Probably not reading the config in the correct order?)

rend_config_services(): HiddenServicePort with no preceding HiddenServiceDir directive handle_control_setconf(): Controller gave us config lines that didn't validate.

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