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#1101 fixed getinfo config-file doesn't handle relative paths well arma

Here's how getinfo config-file is supposed to go:

getinfo config-file 250-config-file=/usr/local/etc/tor/torrc 250 OK

But I started my tor like "path/to/tor -f moria2-orrc", so getinfo config-file simply returns "moria2-orrc" with no hint about where it is. That means controllers like arm don't know where to look.

Should we change Tor so it prepends an absolute path when answering the controller?

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#1107 fixed PublishServerDescriptor allows options 0 and 1 simultaneously Sebastian

That doesn't make sense, and I think we should reject a config like that.

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#1110 fixed Popup box asking about language preference mikeperry arma

Some Torbutton users complain that Tor is "english only", because it forces you to ask for en pages. There's a checkbox to disable it, sure, but it's hard to find and hard to know about.

How about Torbutton checks on its first start if your language prefs are non-English, and pops up a dialog box: "You have set your language preference to %s. Should I keep you safe by making you blend together with all the other Torbutton users, or should I let you use your own language?"

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