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#114 Fixed hidden service descriptors quietly rejected when clock skewed arma

Mar 29 06:47:33.643 [warn] rend_cache_store(): Service descriptor h7dkd7zc7aeplgy4 is too far in the future

When clients publish hidden services but their clock is wrong, the hidden service doesn't work. There might be a log entry explaining this, but perhaps the log entry doesn't say enough? In any case, a log entry may not be enough to let the user know, if he never looks at his logs.

Is there a better way to communicate this to the user, or is there some way we can cope anyway? (E.g. be more forgiving about clock skew wrt hidden service descriptors (easy) or remember our skew based on dirserver timestamps and have Tor "fix" outgoing published timestamps (foolishly hard))

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#116 Fixed OS X package UID is a login user matt

In the OS X installer, a user is created with a uid of 503 (the 500 range, anyway). UIDs in this range show up in the login window/fast user switching, which isn't right for the tor user.

UID=103 seems OK here, or perhaps sub 100? I haven't been able to track down any actual documentation on the ranges, will try to find some and update this.

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#118 Fixed server crash when exiting arma

Mar 31 12:37:21.214 [notice] Interrupt: will shut down in 30 seconds. Interrupt again to exit now.

Mar 31 12:37:21.347 [notice] Sigint received a second time; exiting now.

Segmentation fault

(gdb) where #0 0x0808d11f in _openssl_locking_cb (mode=9, n=9, file=0x40103857 "rsa_lib.c", line=217)

at crypto.c:1653

#1 0x4007b0b8 in CRYPTO_lock () from /lib/ #2 0x4007b120 in CRYPTO_add_lock () from /lib/ #3 0x4009e987 in RSA_free () from /lib/ #4 0x08088f5d in crypto_free_pk_env (env=0x80d1cd0) at crypto.c:265 #5 0x08066663 in cpuworker_main (data=0x815f7f8) at cpuworker.c:272 #6 0x08086977 in tor_pthread_helper_fn (_data=0x8166278) at compat.c:685 #7 0x40122f77 in pthread_start_thread () from /lib/ #8 0x4020deba in thread_start () from /lib/ (gdb) print _openssl_mutexes[n] Cannot access memory at address 0x24 (gdb) print n $1 = 9 (gdb) print _openssl_mutexes $2 = (tor_mutex_t ) 0x0

looks like we free the mutexes before we should?

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