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#56 Not a bug Tor is not aggressive enough about improving latency nU8hJ1zQ9

Summary: Please make Tor more aggressive in detecting when it is using a slow OR path and hence causing it to test out alternate paths.

I've noticed that some Tor ORs are faster than others. The end result is that sometimes I get 'bum' ORs who slow my system down to a crawl. Tor does not seem to be nearly aggressive enough about detecting this situation and trying alternate routing paths.

I recognize that if Tor was more aggressive about finding better paths a really smart attacker could use DOS attacks against specific ORs to shape traffic into specific proxies but ya gotta admit that's a pretty esoteric attack. For the moment I think performance is more important.

I also recognize that if Tor is too aggressive in optimizing the routing path then better performing ORs will get slammed but that is a self correcting problem.

Please considering adding features to make Tor more aggressive in finding better ORs. The biggest thing keeping me from recommending Tor to all of my friends is the latency it introduces.

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#57 Not a bug Only getting "Launched" circuit events Aphex

I only receive "Launched" event messages (Event: 0x01, Status: 0x00). I have watched over 150 circuits launch but not a single other event is sent.

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#58 Not a bug Only getting "Sent Connnect" stream events Aphex

This seems related to the circuit event bug, since both these values are 0. I am betting the value isn't getting set properly. I would have merged these into one report but I just noticed it.

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