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#1698 fixed Investigate unbelievably high bridge user numbers Karsten karsten

On July 11, 2010, the number of bridge users increased to an unbelievably high number. A quick analysis shows that a single bridge reports most of these users. In the following days, the bridge reports far fewer users. This bridge might have been running as a relay before, but for some reason we didn't include it from the bridge stats. Here's the bridge stats from that bridge:

date,time,bh,cn,cu,et,ir,mm,sa,sy,tm,tn,uz,vn,ye 2010-07-11,21:51:42,65.95,77.94,6.00,0.0,2176.34,6.00,857.35,137.89,6.00,0.0,17.99,353.73,53.96 2010-07-12,21:06:36,26.90,163.83,2.45,0.0,936.51,2.45,364.34,61.13,2.45,0.0,7.34,163.83,26.90 2010-07-13,20:22:29,2.00,106.00,0.0,0.0,74.00,0.0,26.00,2.00,2.00,0.0,0.0,18.00,6.00 2010-07-14,14:23:12,1.45,77.08,0.0,0.0,53.81,0.0,21.81,1.45,1.45,0.0,0.0,13.09,4.36

Due to BridgeDB, this bridge was first seen 2010-07-11 22:37 and last seen 2010-07-14 15:07.

#1706 duplicate Calculate fraction of bytes spent on answering directory requests Karsten karsten

I'm using the following patch to distinguish Directory traffic from OR traffic on my test relay:

diff --git a/src/or/connection.c b/src/or/connection.c index 7b1493b..9eeed63 100644 --- a/src/or/connection.c +++ b/src/or/connection.c @@ -2075,11 +2075,17 @@ connection_buckets_decrement(connection_t *conn, time_t n

if (conn->type == CONN_TYPE_EXIT)

rep_hist_note_exit_bytes_read(conn->port, num_read);

rep_hist_note_bytes_read(num_read, now);

+ log_info(LD_DIR, "Read %d bytes from %s connection " U64_FORMAT ".", + num_read, conn_type_to_string(conn->type), + U64_PRINTF_ARG(conn->global_identifier));

} if (num_written > 0) {

if (conn->type == CONN_TYPE_EXIT)

rep_hist_note_exit_bytes_written(conn->port, num_written);

rep_hist_note_bytes_written(num_written, now);

+ log_info(LD_DIR, "Wrote %d bytes to %s connection " U64_FORMAT ".", + num_written, conn_type_to_string(conn->type), + U64_PRINTF_ARG(conn->global_identifier));


if (connection_counts_as_relayed_traffic(conn, now)) {

As a result, I get a very low fraction of Directory traffic compared to OR traffic. I wonder why that is the case.

In the attachment you can find a histogram of 10-second intervals and the sum of read and written bytes in KiB/s. There are only very few Directory connections with very little bandwidth consumption in that histogram. This is a 500 KiB/s middle node running for 24 hours.

#11001 fixed Create volunteering@ email account Karsten Kelley

Create a volunteering@… email address with Damian as list owner.

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