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#65 Fixed Mirroring dir via apache introduces unrecognized x-compress header arma

Jan 15 16:18:42.480 [warn] parse_http_response(): Unrecognized content encoding: 'x-compress' Jan 15 16:18:42.480 [warn] router_get_hash_impl(): couldn't find "signed-directory" Jan 15 16:18:42.480 [warn] router_parse_routerlist_from_directory(): Unable to compute digest of directory Jan 15 16:18:42.480 [warn] router_load_routerlist_from_directory(): Couldn't parse directory. Jan 15 16:18:42.480 [warn] connection_dir_client_reached_eof(): I failed to parse the directory I fetched from Ignoring.

Is this as simple as teaching Tor about x-compress?

Is there a workaround whereby we can get people to rig their apaches to use x-deflate or x-gzip (that is, let the headers through from the proxied connection) despite apache's default?

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#66 Fixed Website barely mentions that Tor is TCP-only phobos arma

There's a statement subtly buried in overview.html, but other than that we never explain that it won't work with dig or other udp apps. Where should we say it that's more obvious?

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#67 Implemented We need to pass a string back along with the http status codes nickm arma

The dirserver gives back a status code (e.g. 403) plus a string. We need to make that string configurable based on what the error/status actually is, and have the client parse out the string.

Currently, there's no distinction between "you're an unverified server" and "your clock is extremely wrong". So people don't know there's anything to fix.

In addition, since we *do* accept unverified servers now, we should be giving back a "200 unverified server accepted" rather than a 403.

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