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#68 Fixed Tor complains about missing epoll nickm arma

It prints out "tor: epoll_create: Function not implemented" every time I start on Red Hat FC1

Would it make sense to auto-detect better and/or disable epoll? This will generate an unending stream of bug reports, as is.

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#69 Implemented Add flag to tor to verify config nickm synfinatic

Right now if you edit the torrc incorrectly and HUP tor, it dies (and only says so in the log file so you may not even notice for awhile. Anyways, it would be nice if tor had something equivalent to Apache's -t flag which says "verify my config and tell me what if anything is broken". That way we could have a torctl script which has a 'reload' option which would first verify the config and if OK, would HUP tor.

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#70 Fixed Don't force BandwidthBurst to be 2x + 1 BandwithRate synfinatic

Forcing BandwidthBurst to be 2x + 1 (or even 2x) the BandwidthRate is silly for people who would like Tor to be able to burst to their full link speed, but average above 50% of the link speed.

Ie: I have a 768K link and want tor to average 512K and burst up to 768K. Current limitation would require me to set BandwidthRate to 384K not 512K.

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