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#14068 not a bug Unecessary line in tor-spec.txt Aaron1011

Section 4.1 of tor-spec.txt contains the following line:

When the "in-protocol" handshake is

used, implementations MUST NOT list any version before 3, and SHOULD list at least version 3.

tTe spec states that implementations SHOULD use at least version three, indicating that they may choose to do othereise. However, this is made redundant by the previous clause of the sentence, which states that any version below three MUST NOT be used.

Using SHOULD implies that another option is available, when in reality no other choice is possible, without breaking the MUST NOT clause.

#8157 worksforme 'test_skip_nondescriptor_contents' and 'test_non_ascii_descriptor' fails atagar Abhishek Kumar Singh

On running ./ --integ --all 'test_skip_nondescriptor_contents' and 'test_non_ascii_descriptor' fails. Actually test_skip_nondescriptor_contents fails, while test_non_ascii_descriptor shows error which means there is error in writing this test.

[[Image(====================================================================== ERROR: test_non_ascii_descriptor


File "/home/abhishek/checktor/stem/test/integ/descriptor/", line 197, in test_non_ascii_descriptor

desc = next(stem.descriptor.parse_file(descriptor_file, "server-descriptor 1.0"))

File "/home/abhishek/checktor/stem/stem/descriptor/", line 186, in parse_file

for desc in file_parser(descriptor_file):

File "/home/abhishek/checktor/stem/stem/descriptor/", line 207, in _parse_metrics_file

for desc in stem.descriptor.server_descriptor._parse_file(descriptor_file, is_bridge = False, validate = validate):

File "/home/abhishek/checktor/stem/stem/descriptor/", line 134, in _parse_file

yield RelayDescriptor(descriptor_text, validate, annotations)

File "/home/abhishek/checktor/stem/stem/descriptor/", line 641, in init


File "/home/abhishek/checktor/stem/stem/descriptor/", line 692, in _validate_content


File "/home/abhishek/checktor/stem/stem/descriptor/", line 758, in _verify_descriptor

local_digest = self.digest().lower().decode('hex')

File "/home/abhishek/checktor/stem/stem/descriptor/", line 656, in digest

raw_descriptor = str(self)

UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe5' in position 925: ordinal not in range(128)


Also please check output file attached with this ticket.

#8271 user disappeared Creation of dynamic and temporary files/directories instead of static files/directories in test modules atagar Abhishek Kumar Singh

Currently most of the test modules are using static temporary files/directories for testing. It will be better to pick dynamic temporary files/directories location instead of static files/directories.

some of the test modules using static file/directory creation are : test/unit/util/ test/integ/descriptor/ test/data/log

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