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#1195 fixed manpage doesn't talk about mbytes and friends phobos Sebastian

Making this bug report so I don't forget

waltman| In setting a value like AccountingMax in torrc, is there a difference

between "500 MB" and "500 MBytes"?

waltman| It's a bit confusing because the manpage says "KB", "MB", etc., but

the examples values all are "KBytes", e.g. "RelayBandwidthRate 100 KBytes"

Sebastian| you can use either one waltman| cool, thanks Sebastian| we should fix that in the manpage. Sebastian| we're thinking about how we can make the manpage easier to

understand for the average use. Hopefully we'll find something.

In our efforts to make the manpage less confusing and more usable for people with less *nix experience, we might want to explore explaining what we mean when we allow the user to specify some amount of bandwidth in one section, and the refer to that section from all the options.

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#1205 fixed Misnamed Pidgin portable folder phobos G-Lo

Found in the IM-bundle 1.3.0 \tor-im-browser-1.3.0_en-US.exe\Tor Browser\PidginPortable\App\Piding\ Empty

There's also a piDGin folder, full of stuff.

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#1210 fixed issues phobos phobos

Hello, I'd just like to point out an issue with a certain part of the website... on the html code has a typo, using the name='ip' in two places on the html form, causing the text entry box to not display.

Confirmed in IE8 and Opera. works in firefox 3.5.7.

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