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#34216 fixed Split visualizations into public server vs. v2 onion server vs. v3 onion server measurements karsten karsten

Right now, OnionPerf visualizations contain all measurements found in a data set. This can be very confusing, because this includes measurements performed via exits, via v2 onion service, and via v3 onion service. We should split visualizations, or we should provide a filter and only graph one subset of measurements at a time.

#34215 fixed Harmonize TTFB/TTLB definitions with Tor Metrics plots karsten karsten

Right now, OnionPerf plots 'command' to 'first_byte', whereas Tor Metrics plots 'start' to 'first_byte' (as found in #33258). We should harmonize these definitions, which likely means using what we have been using for Tor Metrics plots for the past decade.

#34214 implemented Remove existing Tor control log visualizations karsten karsten

As found in #33258, the existing Tor control log visualizations are not really useful to us. Let's consider removing them.

As part of this change, we should rename the TGen visualizations .pdf and .csv to something starting with onionperf.*, as these files will contain parts from TGen and TorCtl in the future (error codes from TorCtl logs, measurements filtered by relay fingerprints).

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