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#31296 fixed simplify OpenPGP signature verification instructions ggus dkg

The OpenPGP signature verification instructions at are more complicated than they need to be, and more repetitive. They also are confusing!

I'll attach a revised version of the file, but you can also see the changes with more clarity as a series of individual git commits on the pgp-verification branch of tor's support repo at

the main changes are:

  • group GnuPG installation instructions in one place
  • export the tor developer OpenPGP certificate as a "keyring"
  • use gpgv for verification, not raw gpg
  • remove accidentally misleading statements about "assigning a trust index" and "exchanging fingerprints"
  • use fingerprints and not keyids
  • bake fingerprint verification into the workflow, rather than asking humans to compare them manually.

If you disagree with any of these changes, please let me know, and why. i'd be happy to reconsider them with good reason.

#31263 implemented More tests for practracker nickm nickm

I think some integration tests here would make things easier to hack on.

#31262 fixed Create new repository for Outreach Materials tor-gitadm antonela

We want to have a gitweb repository to hold our outreach materials.

We would like to have this available in gitlab also. Ideally ​

Gus and myself need to have write access to this repo.

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