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#77 Fixed clients are believing really old recommended-versions arma

Clients believe recommended-versions no matter how old the directory is.

Option one: don't check recommended-versions if massive clock skew is detected on the dir.

Option two: remember the timestamp of the last recommended-versions you saw, and discard newly received ones that are older than it.

Option three: both.

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#78 Implemented please add 'opt hibernating yes' in the descriptor weasel

It would be nice if the server descriptor of hibernating nodes just said conclusively that this node is in fact hibernating right now.

Probably something like "opt hibernating yes" would work. If you want to make it fancy you could even well when it expects to wake up again.

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#79 Fixed clients pick you as an exit node if there's even a chance you can exit there nickm arma

When clients don't know the IP of, they pick a random exit node that will allow *any* exits to port 80. But if they pick a node that allows w.x.y.z:80 and then rejects *:80, they are almost certain to be told "here's the IP, now go somewhere else." We should short-circuit this process and only pick exit nodes that accept "most" IPs for the port in question.

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