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#86 Fixed No logs in default mac package nickm adam667

I installed the new mac package, and it doesn't log at all.

I suppose there may be a security argument for this, but it makes it hard to figure out what's going wrong.

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#87 Fixed Our clock skew allowances differ, leading to problems nickm arma

dirserv_set_cached_directory(): Ignoring future directory; not caching.

This happens, causing dir mirrors to not have anything to give out, if they're more than ROUTER_ALLOW_SKEW (30 minutes) in the past.

Yet they need to be ROUTER_MAX_AGE (24 hours) in the past before we flag any warnings about their time skew.

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#88 Fixed please free all memory before shutting down weasel

I've been playing with dmalloc, a library that checks for leaks (and other stuff). It's a lot lighter than for instance valgrind, but unfortunately Tor does not play very nice with it.

It would be great if you could clean up all the memory you think you are using before shutdown, so that tools like dmalloc can tell you what you missed.

For instance now dmalloc gives me 1107411810: 73044: total-size count source 1107411810: 73044: 81920 5 buffers.c:37 1107411810: 73044: 65360 1634 routerparse.c:1066 1107411810: 73044: 36864 9 buffers.c:112 1107411810: 73044: 31234 1634 routerparse.c:1068 1107411810: 73044: 17568 122 routerparse.c:804 1107411810: 73044: 6528 24 aes.c:74 1107411810: 73044: 6454 1 dirserv.c:789 1107411810: 73044: 6452 1 torgzip.c:111 1107411810: 73044: 6144 24 container.c:45 1107411810: 73044: 4800 122 routerparse.c:908 1107411810: 73044: 3920 245 crypto.c:177 ...

after I shutdown tor. This isn't very useful yet, but it could be :)

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