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#7135 fixed https everywhere breaks MB hanno

In the newsletters from "Deutsche Bahn" (german railway company), they use links like this:

These are only forwarding URLs.

However, https everywhere changes them to https. But this domain does not have a valid ssl certificate configured.

It seems https everywhere redirects all subdomains * to https. This works for and also (the two most common ones probably), but it seems not for others. It should restrict the forwarding rules to specific subdomains that definitely work with https.

#7146 fixed "customize and buy" images broken on the HP website MB pde

This is a nasty bug. If the user tries to customize and buy an HP desktop PC, they wind up on but with broken images.

Maybe we should disable the HP ruleset over this; maybe we should bug HP about it; maybe both.

#7510 fixed encrypted login fails MB Donarsson

This occurs on the 2012.10.31 release on Chrome and was also present in at least the two previous versions.

With the VK (partial) ruleset activated, login on fails and I get the following error message:

Unable to complete encrypted authorization. This can happen if your the date and time settings are not configured correctly on your system. Please check your date & time settings and restart the browser.

This is not a problem with my time/date settings, I checked them and they are ok.

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