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#12722 wontfix "Safe Reload" of the backend configuration hellais earthrise

Most daemons provide a way to reload the configuration without disrupting service. For example, you can update Apache's configuration then do service apache2 reload, which will make it start using the new configuration without killing existing downloads.

Ooni might want to support something like this, especially if a cron job is going to be making the bouncer reload its configuration frequently, like it will in the M-Lab deployment.

#20397 duplicate "Search securely with" still appears when Tor Browser opens tbb-team alison

Please remove "search securely with" when Tor Browser opens for the first time, and replace with "search securely with DuckDuckGo". Users think their search is being hijacked by DDG (reading user support mails and seeing this again and again). In fact, search bar default is Disconnect and then switches to DDG, which causes the same confusion.

#22624 fixed "See all upcoming events" shows you events in 2008 hiro arma

Go to the frontpage of the blog, and then click on "see all upcoming events" on the right column. You end up at which starts off telling me about a January 24, 2008 event.

There is a subtle link called "See the events calendar" which brings us to which I think is the calendar we are hoping to see after the first click.

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