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#11014 fixed "Start Tor Browser.exe" from another directory fails to start Tor Launcher, gives Mozilla branding erinn dcf

If you run Start Tor Browser.exe from the command line from other than the directory it's in, Tor Launcher doesn't run and you get the normal Firefox branding. If you try to browse anywhere, you get "The proxy server is refusing connections".

#4993 fixed "Start Vidalia when my system starts" nonsensical with TBB chiiph Sebastian

When using that option, the system will launch a Vidalia on next boot for me, but the entire TBB context is missing, meaning settings are wrong and no firefox gets launched. We should probably completely remove that option for TBB, unless we can make it work so that it actually starts TBB at system launch instead of just Vidalia. Some indication that this takes place, like "Start Tor Browser Bundle when my system starts" or so would also be a good idea, I bet.

#13617 fixed "Take Picture" option in Instantbird sukhbir

Instantbird allows a user to take a picture through their webcam. This image is used as the display picture for chat protocols that support it and also on the main window. To access this option, click the blank image next to the name on the main Instantbird screen and choose "Take Picture". Instantbird will then access your webcam.

Should we disable this option completely or should we warn the user when they attempt to do this?

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