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#1344 fixed Torbutton told me to report this SwooshyCueb

Torbutton crash state conflict! Please file bug report with these four values: false,false,false,true

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#1345 fixed Exits tracked with TrackHostExits should not reset on hup Sebastian

Using TrackHostExits with a long TrackHostExitsExpire should mean Exits are only rotated if they go down. I don't see a reason why we should forget the trackings we set up earlier when we got a hup and the TrackingHostExits* options didn't change, especially because some Tor packages like the debian package hup tor frequently.

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#1346 fixed Reachability Testing passes, yet Relay is marked as down by authorities Sebastian

We've had reports from many operators of historically stable and well-running relays that their relays have lately been falling out of the consensus. They do test reachability successfully for both dirport and orport, and publish a descriptor to the authorities, which they acknowledge as valid.

In debugging and testing this more, I looked at BarkerJrParis B1BFFE96D67CC1BD7EF6A9D4AC618AF681012A3E Trying to use this relay as a bridge fails, as circuit building times out. Using openssl s_client -connect gives a valid-looking cert, though; and the connecting Tor doesn't provide any debug log messages that would have helped me to track down the cause.

BarkerJR mentioned that this occurred after restarting Tor. A few weeks earlier, he had updated openssl, but not restarted Tor since then. I have no data from the other relay operators on openssl versions, platform, tor version etc that they're using, but will try to get them to update the bug report here.

My current theory is that something prevents a circuit to be established with the relay, after the initial connection is made, and that this connection and sending of certs is enough to make reachabilitytesting pass, thus confusing the relay into believing that it is in fact reachable.

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