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#9026 fixed Hotmail / Live rule breaks some Microsoft downloads MB cypherpunks

The "Hotmail / Live" rule seems to break some Microsoft download links.

For example, the "Command Line Tools" download links at the bottom of are broken because

returns 404 for HTTPS.

#9032 fixed rule doesn't redirect to HTTPS MB trr
  • In short:

The built-in rule "" doesn't redirect TorrentFreak for me. In the rule, removing "www." from the value of the "rule" tags' "to" attributes fixes it.

  • Details:

I'm using HTTPS Everywhere 3.2.2.

Accessing or from the address bar, I am not redirected to HTTPS. In addition, whether I access the homepage in HTTPS or not, the links on the page which point inside the site, but to HTTP, do not redirect either.

Confirming with the Tamper Data add-on, accessing a page such as does not make the browser access .

The menu of HTTPS Everywhere's icon in the add-ons bar shows grayish-red text and an icon that looks like "refresh" for the rule. I've made sure the rule is enabled.

I've tried clicking the rule in the menu a few times, and also tried disabling and enabling it from the add-on's pop-up, and nothing seems to change.

I try copying the built-in rule to the user rules folder and changing it a bit, so that both "rule" tags' "to" attributes' values do not contain "www.".

I restart Firefox, disable the built-in rule, and make sure my own is enabled. TorrentFreak seems to be redirected properly now.

I try disabling my own rule and enabling the built-in rule once more and redirecting acts a bit differently. Confirming with Tamper Data: HTTPS Everywhere redirects to . has an HTTP 301 that redirects to . It redirects back and forth a few times and the browser appears just to be stuck loading the page.

#9040 fixed [Firefox] News Corporation rule breaks Photos of the Day on WSJ Blogs MB cypherpunks

HTTPS Everywhere 3.2.2 (not sure why this version is not listed below) Firefox 21.0

There is no photos on the page when News Corporation rule is enabled.

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