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#31880 fixed Disabling EME per configure option does not work on mobile anymore tbb-team gk

While updating the mozconfig files for Android it turns out that ac_add_option --disable-eme does not work anymore.

We should investigate whether there is a suitable replacement and what the EME situation on Android is to make sure we still provide a DRM-free mobile experience.

#31879 not a bug tor browser won't start tbb-team robrenard

Tor unexpectedly exited error. There is no log information. Have re-installed Tor and still get the same error See attached screen shots for system info and error.

#31867 wontfix User agent string in tor-ify docs (general.useragent.override) tbb-team cypherpunks

Was looking at tor-ify docs and the variable general.useragent.override no longer exists in about:config


This reveals multiple problems:

  1. Those need to be fixed to provide people with correct/current values.
  2. But hard coding them means that the value of becomes stale.
  3. Hardcoding means they will require constant maintenance.
  4. A user (like me) won't know the correct value for that variable.

Are users expected to cut-n-paste multiple variables out of about:config to construct the correct user-agent string? Or is there something else they should do? Can Tor create a new variable that can be seen in about:config? Maybe call it user-agent-torify.

But really I think what's needed is a plugin that will generate the user-agent string. The plugin would fetch the most common string of the day. That string would be hosted at Looking at shows me that I am not unique enough and way too uncommon using the latest Torbrowser. I propose to call the plugin Agent Common.

Am I the first to propose this? What downside would there be?

Sincerely, FreD FlinstonE

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