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#34119 fixed Hook gk's tor related gmail account to the google play account to get tor browser releases out tbb-team gk

We should avoid all sorts of bottlenecks and just having one person being able to get mobile releases pushed to Google Play is one of those. Let's hook gk's up resurrected gmail account to solve that issue.

#34117 fixed Delete vegas-leads list qbi arma

The vegas-leads list: has served us well for some years now:

But with the new plans (more structured interactions between teams), we no longer need a separate list for coordination between teams. So it is time to retire (delete) the list.

It has no archives, so it should be easy to remove.


#34116 wontfix Set up OONI's MetaDB on polyanthum phw phw

As part of #32740, we need to sync OONI's test results with BridgeDB's SQLite database; in particular its BlockedBridges table. Over here and here, hellais suggested to set up a copy of OONI's MetaDB and have it sync with their canonical database. We can then use our local copy on polyanthum to update BridgeDB's SQLite database.

Instructions for setting up a MetaDB are available at:

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