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#2615 wontfix ttdnsd crash Ady1994 ioerror

It appears that if Tor is listening on port 53 (for DNSPort) and ttdnsd attempts to start, we'll segfault:

[133510.913005] ttdnsd[5515]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f1ea6b16a7c sp 00007fff218948b8 error 4 in[7f1ea69ec000+17a000]
[133517.952944] ttdnsd[5520]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f250cff3a7c sp 00007fffa1f593d8 error 4 in[7f250cec9000+17a000]
#1074 fixed Tor sends clock_skew status event warn too liberally AltF4 arma

In command.c, if netinfo tells us our clock is skewed, we log based on:

if (router_digest_is_trusted_dir(conn->identity_digest))

severity = LOG_WARN;


severity = LOG_INFO;

But then we complain to the controller regardless of whether it's an authority:


"CLOCK_SKEW SKEW=%ld SOURCE=OR:%s:%d", apparent_skew, conn->_base.address, conn->_base.port);

So the simple fix is for to only send the status event if severity == LOG_WARN.

Then Vidalia should workaround it by ignoring SOURCE=OR: clock skew events from Tor <= and

The broader challenge is that tor clients avoid going to the authorities, so if their clock is wrong, they'll never do more than log at log-level info, and all this status event work is for naught.

We should fix this in 0.2.2.x, either with a more aggressive proposal, or at least with a bit we remember that makes us connect to an authority (and thus get a trusted opinion on our time) if we keep getting skew problems from other relays.

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#2639 duplicate tor failing - NetBSD - Tor v0.2.3.0-alpha-dev (git-b3d74045ae79544f) AltF4 yancm

Starting within the last 24-36 hours, tor built from git starts, then exits without a core dump nor any warnings being logged. This is definitely new.

I've done a make clean/autogen/make install cycle with no change.

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