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#253 Fixed need router.exit to resolve correctly even without having descriptor in advance goodell

The correction introduced in that fixes the semantics of REDIRECTSTREAM also breaks the ability for routername.exit to correctly determine the target address for the stream for cases in which we do not have the descriptor at the time that the stream is created. The reason is that the controller must now specify an explicit address when it uses REDIRECTSTREAM; it cannot simply provide routername.exit and hand it back to Tor, assuming that Tor will take care of binding it to a circuit that may have been constructed since the time at which the stream was created. So this means that the controller needs to be able to parse descriptors in order to find the address in the descriptor of the exit node for this circuit. This process breaks an important abstraction.

One possible solution is to allow REDIRECTSTREAM to be called with a special address argument, such as "", that will designate to Tor that we want Tor to direct this stream to the IP address given in the descriptor of the exit node for the circuit to which it is attached. A concern with this approach is that it means two different circumstances under which Tor must determine the address for a SOCKS request given as routername.exit.

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#255 Won't implement TorCP doesn't use 'ControlPort' setting in torrc imIts

TorCP (under Windows XP SP2) doesn't use the 'ControlPort' setting from torrc.

Even after 'ControlPort' setting has been changed in torrc, TorCP still uses the Control Port setting listed under the General settings tab to override it.

While this isn't a showstopper - it is weird (and annoying) behaviour. TorCP should either updated torrc to reflect the General tab setting or use the torrc setting to update the General tab setting.

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#256 Fixed rc.subr script for BSD's (contrib addon) thoenenp

Pasted below is the rc.subr control file for tor that I created (and included) for the FreeBSD tor-devel port as the newly included (as of 1.1.12) and torctl do not work without some serious patching (the patch is longer than the rc.subr itself). I know this works on Net and FreeBSD as both use identical rc.subr format but unsure about OpenBSD. Indifferent if actually included in the official release under contrib, posting here soley to get Arma off my case :)

######## START TOR.SH #############

#!/bin/sh # # $FreeBSD: ports/security/tor-devel/files/,v 1.1 2006/02/17 22:21:25 mnag Exp $ # # REQUIRE: NETWORKING SERVERS USR # BEFORE: LOGIN # # Add the following lines to /etc/rc.conf to enable tor # # tor_enable (bool): Set to "NO" by default # Set it to "YES" to enable tor # tor_conf (str): Points to your tor conf file # Default: /usr/local/etc/tor/torrc # tor_user (str): Tor Daemon user. Default _tor # tor_groupr (str): Tor Daemon group. Default _tor #

. /etc/rc.subr

name="tor" rcvar=${name}_enable

load_rc_config ${name}

: ${tor_enable="NO"} : ${tor_conf="/usr/local/etc/tor/torrc"} : ${tor_user="_tor"} : ${tor_group="_tor"} : ${tor_pidfile="/var/run/tor/"} : ${tor_logfile="/var/log/tor"} : ${tor_datadir="/var/run/tor"}

required_files=${tor_conf} required_dirs=${tor_datadir} command="/usr/local/bin/${name}" command_args="-f ${tor_conf} --pidfile ${tor_pidfile} --runasdaemon 1 --datadirectory ${tor_datadir} --user ${tor_user} --group ${tor_group}" extra_commands="log" log_cmd="${name}_log"

tor_log() {

cat ${tor_logfile}


run_rc_command "$1"

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