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#26371 worksforme Missing Information to correctly start tor relay Nusenu cypherpunks

When new users want to support the tor network and are planning to build a tor relay, they'll face a Major issue which newer users may not stumble across and therefore stop with the task and never create a relay for the network.

The "Address" option should be added in the Guide's step 2, where the torrc config file is shown.

Without the Address option the service listens on IP, which is, as you may agree, not working.

After adding the Address option and inserting the public IP (or DNS name), the tor service can successfully introduce itself to network.

#26575 fixed Tor Relay Guide DNS instructions for FreeBSD says resolv.conv instead of resolv.conf Nusenu cypherpunks

The last command for the FreeBSD DNS instructions is "chflags schg /etc/resolv.conv" and the file should be "/etc/resolv.conf".

#26620 fixed Tor Relay Guide: relays operators shouldn't expose their fine-grained monitoring graphs public Nusenu ggus

Even with this warning[1] in Tor Relay Guide, many operators still make their graphs public. We should make this warning bigger like #GettingHelp.

[1]"Note: Do not make your munin (or any other fine-grained monitoring) graphs public since this could help attackers with deanonymizing Tor users."

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