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#25348 user disappeared Add instructions for OpenBSD, amend FreeBSD to also mention obfs4 Nusenu attila

I really like the new TorRelayGuide and have attached a patch to improve it in two ways:

  1. add a section for OpenBSD under Tor Relay Setup
  2. amend the FreeBSD section to mention obfs4proxy

Patch attached

#25419 user disappeared Advise using GNSS for getting time if it is possible Nusenu cypherpunks

Because NTP spoofing can be used to attack the node. GNSS spoofing is much harder: it would either require being in physical proximity of the target or being a clique of GNSS operators ready to make lot of collateral damage in order to attack the network. Of course we can use both GNSS and NTP and detect such attacks.

#25564 user disappeared DNS-over-HTTPS for exit relays Nusenu cypherpunks

Would mentioning a guide to setup DNS-over-HTTPS for exit relays be worthwhile? It surely is better than just plaintext DNS

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