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#4736 Please add option to disable warnings about Tor version chiiph enhancement Medium Archived/Vidalia
#4791 Vidalia control panel pops up even though "Show this window on startup" is unchecked chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#4802 Tor Network Map sort-by-country bugged chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#4824 Vidalia status bar stops but Tor runs chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#4827 vidalia should getinfo status/bootstrap-phase upon connecting to the control port chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#4833 Vidalia should set __ReloadTorrcOnSIGHUP to 0 if it can't write its torrc file chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#4907 Vidalia is 1 pixel high in ratpoison chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#4986 Vidalia's torrc editor does not allow unsetting an option chiiph defect High Archived/Vidalia
#4993 "Start Vidalia when my system starts" nonsensical with TBB chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5034 Invalid link to Windows stable release on projects/vidalia.html chiiph defect Medium Webpages/Website
#5051 Build Arabic TBB chiiph enhancement Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#5107 Usability problem: if you add a bridge and click ok, but didn't click +, you don't add the bridge chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5109 "Unrecognized startup status" starting tbb chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5110 Languages should name themselves in their own language chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5123 vidalia.conf doesn't say what version of vidalia wrote it chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5134 Missing tranlation strings for Vidalia chiiph defect Medium Vidalia: 0.2.15 Archived/Vidalia
#5277 Rename "New Identity" to "New Circuit" chiiph defect High Vidalia: 0.3.x Archived/Vidalia
#5325 Vidalia 0.3.1 doesn't show the network and related information chiiph defect Medium Vidalia: 0.3.x Archived/Vidalia
#5326 Vidalia 0.3.1 detaching tabs moves their tile bar out of the screen chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5338 Vidalia creates blank tray icons in addition to its own icon chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5351 Vidalia ignores 'show on startup' checkbox chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5364 less redundancy for Browser Bundle Settings under Plugins chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5370 "Find Bridges Now"-button does not work chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5371 Can we get rid of the "find bridge" button in Vidalia chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5386 Vidalia - 0.3.1-alpha no longer launches Polipo on Windows chiiph defect Medium Vidalia: 0.3.x Archived/Vidalia
#5475 Vidalia torrc editor is confused by # comments chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5495 impossible to hide window using keyboard shortcuts chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5627 Two tabs instead of white spaces in NetViewer.cpp chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#5769 remove polipo from Vidalia OS X bundle chiiph enhancement Medium Archived/Vidalia
#6006 Vidalia Greys Out When Running Tor Browser Bundle chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#6130 The countries' list in CountryInfo.cpp is not complete chiiph defect Medium Vidalia: 0.3.x Archived/Vidalia
#6147 Can't edit torrc from within Vidalias' interface chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#6178 Vidalia 0.2.19 starts Tor with DataDirectory "" by default chiiph defect Immediate Archived/Vidalia
#6243 Vidalia crash when manually closing an already-closed connection chiiph defect Low Archived/Vidalia
#6249 Show amount of traffic in connections list in Network Map window. chiiph enhancement Low Archived/Vidalia
#6307 Vidalia 0.2.19 updated, can't start TOR chiiph defect Medium Tor: unspecified Archived/Vidalia
#6345 Indicate node type in Tor Network Map chiiph enhancement Medium Archived/Vidalia
#6412 Add way to configure obfsproxy bridges chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#6482 Vidalia in alpha TBB doesn't exit immediately when I click exit during bootstrapping chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#6483 Vidalia in alpha TBB doesn't populate the relay list on first boot chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#6568 Vidalia specifies absolute path in ControlPortWriteToFile option chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#6594 Vidalia/Tor in TBB latest make UMTS modem disconnect from Internet chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#6601 Vidalia relay list says wrong uptime/bandwidth chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#8729 spurious geoip6 warnings chiiph defect Medium Archived/Vidalia
#8765 Include Arabic Vidalia Help - links.pot translation chiiph task Medium Archived/Vidalia
#9087 Move network tests out of chobe enhancement Medium Core Tor/Chutney
#20168 Clarify our #if{n}def by commenting what they are at the #elif/#else/#endif cjb enhancement Very Low Tor: 0.3.2.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#22874 Standalone broker (independent of App Engine) cmm32 project High Circumvention/Snowflake
#18628 Devise some way for the browser proxy to forward metadata to the bridge before the OR data cmm323 defect High Circumvention/Snowflake
#945 Vidalia config from previous install causes new Vidalia to hang coderman defect Low Archived/Tor VM
#21304 Sanitize snowflake.log cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#25483 Windows reproducible build of snowflake cohosh project High Circumvention/Snowflake
#25688 proxy-go is still deadlocking occasionally cohosh defect Low Circumvention/Snowflake
#26348 Guard against large reads cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#28942 Evaluate pion WebRTC cohosh enhancement Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#29207 New design for broker -- proxy protocol for snowflakes cohosh enhancement High Circumvention/Snowflake
#29259 Ensure high test coverage for Snowflake cohosh task Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#29279 Test obfs4 reachability cohosh task Very High Circumvention/Obfs4
#29565 Fix broker robots.txt to disallow crawling cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#29861 Snowflake is not working right now for some reason cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#30205 After log sanitization, proxy-go didn't restart, broker isn't logging cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#30206 Segfault in proxy-go cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#30368 Run some tests to check reachability of snowflake proxies cohosh task Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#30451 snowflake-client has executable stack cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#30830 Clean up snowflake broker logs cohosh task Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#30867 Write proxy-go tests to cover existing implementation cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#30999 Spruce up the product pages cohosh defect High Circumvention/Snowflake
#31092 Specify a location where users can report issues for the Snowflake WebExtension cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#31100 Firefox addon not reporting any users cohosh defect Very High Circumvention/Snowflake
#31157 Collect metrics about what type of proxies are running cohosh enhancement Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#31200 Hand out proxy-go snowflakes more frequently than webextension snowflakes cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#31253 Add a webext packaging target to the build script cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#31285 Browsers accumulate permanently open UDP sockets over time cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#31310 Refactor/remove proxy-pair state machine in webextension cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#31376 Make a /metrics handle at the snowflake broker for the stats collector cohosh enhancement Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#31384 localize snowflake website cohosh enhancement Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#31385 Snowflake client fails after bootstrap cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#31407 Create a broker spec for metrics collection cohosh enhancement Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#31460 Don't reveal proxy IDs in broker /debug cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#31843 Make safelogger thread safe cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#31889 Rebuild and redeploy broker and bridge using Go 1.12.10+ / 1.13.1+ cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#32300 Improve snowflake server test coverage cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#32480 Use Github/Gitlab releases to distribute gettor binaries cohosh defect Medium Applications/GetTor
#32484 Now need go version 1.13 to build latest versions of pion/webrtc cohosh defect Medium Circumvention/Snowflake
#32576 Fix race condition in snowflake broker cohosh defect Very High Circumvention/Snowflake
#32711 Gitlab repository is full and can't be updated cohosh defect Medium Applications/GetTor
#32712 gettor host fills up storage space when updating files cohosh defect Medium Applications/GetTor
#32977 Move GetTor github repository to torproject/torbrowser-releases cohosh defect Medium Applications/GetTor
#22081 Add to trainings page on Community Team wiki community-team project Medium Community
#7924 Compass: search by AS does not work cwacek defect Medium Metrics/Compass
#27316 protover.c accepts arbitrary bytes in protocol names cyberpunks defect Medium Tor: 0.3.5.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#6109 Flash does not work with TBB 2.2.36-1 cypherpunks enhancement Medium TorBrowserButton
#6963 Contradiction between specs and code to detect a V2 handshake cypherpunks defect Low Tor: 0.2.4.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#7446 TorButton should not fixup .onion domains cypherpunks defect Medium Applications/Tor Browser
#7955 Can't access of Tor's IRC channel cypherpunks defect Very High Archived/Development Progress
#9703 Break in Bing Images Search cypherpunks defect Low HTTPS-E 3.3 HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#13843 Add a faq entry for "You should change path selection to avoid entering and exiting from the same country." cypherpunks enhancement Medium website redesign Webpages/Website
#15344 Integrate tests into automake test suite cypherpunks enhancement Very Low Tor: 0.2.7.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#15415 display relay directly if the search finds one relay only cypherpunks enhancement Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#16406 "Tor" is not listed as a project on cypherpunks enhancement Medium WebsiteV3 Webpages/Website
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