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#6032 Torbutton does not clean up the user's settings when it is uninstalled mikeperry defect Immediate Applications/Torbutton
#7512 Unable to select a static port in TBB mikeperry defect Medium TorBrowserButton
#7943 Torbeowser logging history mikeperry defect Very High TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable TorBrowserButton
#7963 Google login persists after clearing history mikeperry defect Medium TorBrowserButton
#7976 Unable to scroll any Twitter pages using arrow keys or "pgup/pgdn" keys on TBB mikeperry defect Medium TorBrowserButton
#8129 TBB 2.4.9-alpha-1 crashes when I try to watch a flash video mikeperry defect Medium TorBrowserButton
#8317 favicons saved across sessions mikeperry defect High Firefox Patch Issues
#8347 Webfonts blocked in TBB w/ FF 17 mikeperry defect Medium Firefox Patch Issues
#8425 FF17 TBB crash on Mac OSX mikeperry defect Medium TorBrowserButton
#8499 TorButton breaks toolbar customisation mikeperry defect High Applications/Torbutton
#8502 New Torbutton addon menu not inspiring any confidence mikeperry enhancement Medium TorBrowserButton
#8539 Thumnails are recorded on disk in default TBB mikeperry enhancement Medium Firefox Patch Issues
#8843 How to reliably crash TorBrowser with one URL mikeperry defect Immediate TorBrowserBundle 2.3.x-stable Firefox Patch Issues
#9333 Illegal nickname "PPriv@last-listed" in family line mikeperry defect Medium Tor: 0.2.5.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#10144 "Never allow" doesn't work in the canvas popup mikeperry defect High Applications/Tor Browser
#10569 Tor Browser's Private Browsing Mode breaks sites. mikeperry defect Medium TorBrowserButton
#11078 TBB Doesn't Respond to Programmatic Maximize Request mikeperry defect Medium TorBrowserButton
#11310 TOR browser stops when access hidden .onion mikeperry defect Medium Firefox Patch Issues
#11491 Make options to use Tor Browser with slow connection (V.34,GPRS,EDGE) mikeperry enhancement Medium TorBrowserButton
#11493 connections to no longer possible mikeperry defect High Firefox Patch Issues
#9524 HTTPS Everywhere 3.4.1 with Ghostery freezes Firefox 22 & 23.0.1 at start. micahlee defect Very High HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#22835 Provide schemas for Onionoo protocol and CollecTor files metrics-team enhancement Low Metrics/Onionoo
#22837 Describe all protocol changes on the Onionoo page metrics-team enhancement Medium Metrics/Website
#24352 Bad exits inject port 82 into HTTP redirects?? metrics-team task Very High - Select a component
#24601 CollecTor directory listing apparently breaks when a directory in recent/ runs dry metrics-team defect Low Metrics/Website
#25541 Tor metrics says my relay has been off-line for a day but SSHing to it shows no problems metrics-team defect Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#25822 Relay search says that my relay "implements the v2 directory protocol or higher." metrics-team defect Medium Metrics/Website
#31247 inconsistent response data (not all fields provided) on details document requests metrics-team defect Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#22345 Something wrong with NoScript 5.0.4 ma1 defect Medium Applications/Tor Browser
#4619 Find out if we need to optimise node_get_all_orports() ln5 defect Low Tor: 0.2.3.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#21660 HTTPS Everywhere incompatible with legind defect Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#21719 Can't copy (Ctrl+C) and make search (Ctrl+F) by formulae on FF 18.0.2 works fine legind defect Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#4636 Add GETINFO interface_address krkhan enhancement Medium Core Tor/Tor
#1518 EntryStatistics config option breaks Tor karsten defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#5354 404 for karsten defect Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#8164 Validate flag-thresholds in consensus-health checker karsten enhancement Medium Core Tor/DocTor
#12896 ContactInfo not added with a SIGHUP karsten defect Medium Metrics/Onionoo
#19842 offer a `LenientParser` option with metrics-lib karsten enhancement Medium Metrics/Library
#20405 create metrics-tools with all of the index.json processing code as first content karsten enhancement Medium Metrics/Library
#2831 Set up backups of the Tor Weather database kaner task High Metrics/Tor Weather
#16169 broken jsha defect Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#16542 HTTPS-E ruleset log file compromises user privacy jsha enhancement Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#16600 Remove rule jsha defect Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#24093 How To Download Tor Browser? jsha task Medium Torbutton: 1.4 HTTPS Everywhere/HTTPS Everywhere: Chrome
#24540 Weird site issues with Tor & HTTPSEverywhere jsha defect Medium HTTPS Everywhere/EFF-HTTPS Everywhere
#19731 Apply more static code analysis to Java projects iwakeh enhancement Medium Metrics
#19934 CollecTor should use new metrics-lib json classes iwakeh enhancement Medium CollecTor 1.2.0 Metrics/CollecTor
#25665 Investigate differences between ant task 'run-rserver' and scripting iwakeh defect Very Low Metrics/Website
#4026 let us choose the bridge pool assignment for a set of bridges by fingerprint isis enhancement Medium Circumvention/BridgeDB
#4380 Complete BridgeDB upgrades phase 1 isis project Medium Circumvention/BridgeDB
#7052 Pcap uploader isis task Medium Archived/Ooni
#8366 ooni: should be able to take hostnames as arguments isis enhancement Medium Archived/Ooni
#8547 ooni: debug scapytest template isis defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#8756 scary ooni ascii art isis task Medium Archived/Ooni
#9174 Bridgedb obfs detection not relieable isis defect High Circumvention/BridgeDB
#10989 bridgedb should use starttls for outgoing mails isis enhancement High Circumvention/BridgeDB
#16521 Adresse mail pour ponts relais isis defect High Circumvention/BridgeDB
#16995 Splitting the pool of bridges by seperating people depending on typing cadence isis enhancement Medium Circumvention/BridgeDB
#18068 Bridge included in bridge_prefs.js is down isis defect Medium Applications/Tor Browser
#22613 BridgeDB CAPTCHA looks weak isis defect High Circumvention/BridgeDB
#23596 BridgeDB does not give out bridges but complains with "Processing Failed" isis defect Very High Circumvention/BridgeDB
#24795 test_rust fails on osx with "can't find crate for `libc`" isis defect Medium Tor: 0.3.3.x-final Core Tor/Tor
#20801 atlas should show "Last Restarted" either in UTC or should show the time zone irl defect Low Metrics/Relay Search
#24324 When I view a relay on I get stuck at a loading screen every time in Safari irl defect High Metrics/Relay Search
#25518 RS fails to display bw graphs for relays where onionoo provides 3_days level and not 1_month level data irl defect Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#6442 use stronger hashes by default in enigmail ioerror defect Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#8487 Allow back-dooring oneself ioerror enhancement Medium Applications/TorBirdy
#14114 Integrate cloud services that are not blocked in mainland China ilv defect High Applications/GetTor
#16601 Create JSON wiht tpo's mirrors ilv enhancement Medium Webpages/Website
#23519 Please pin the gettorbrowser repository in your official Github account for better visibility ilv task Medium Applications/GetTor
#24503 Rust build fails hiviah defect Medium Tor: 0.3.1.x-final Core Tor/RPM packaging
#22404 I can't add comments to blog posts released before the migration hiro defect Medium Webpages/Blog
#25424 view-by-tag has broken output hiro defect Medium Webpages/Blog
#29934 CSS media rule mixes all types of screens together hiro defect Medium Webpages/Website
#29963 Allow browser Find (Ctrl+F) on hiro defect Medium Webpages/Support
#30127 Learn more link for circuit display is broken hiro defect Medium Webpages/Website
#6669 atlas doesn't find Amunet relays? hellais defect Medium Metrics/Relay Search
#7462 Agree on naming for ooni hellais task Medium Archived/Ooni
#7993 ooni frontpage points to wiki docs page, which very subtly points back to ooni docs page hellais defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#8608 discuss deployment of oonib's dns_helper service hellais task Medium Archived/Ooni
#11855 "Failed to open reporter" might mean "the collector refused my report" hellais defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#11995 Unhandled Tor exception hellais defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#12291 ooniprobe inputs and decks are not part of package data hellais defect Medium Archived/Ooni
#8048 Compass: Select Family does not work gsathya defect Medium Metrics/Compass
#9929 compass doesn't display more than 10 relays in a given AS gsathya defect Medium Metrics/Compass
#1961 Polipo not starting with Vidalia-TOR when in autostart erinn defect Low Polipo
#2090 APT repository broken by website relaunch erinn defect Very High Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#2252 Tool tips in Vidalia don't display erinn defect Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#2329 Cannot Start Tor in Win XP or 7 (Vidalia.exe - Entry Point Not Found) erinn defect Very High Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#2820 tor- alpha fails to compile on Mac OS X 10.4.11, PowerPC, G3 erinn defect Medium Core Tor/Tor
#2910 AVG claims that TBB contains malware erinn defect Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#3179 Command line option to TBB install erinn enhancement Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#3795 Vidalia bundle W32 virus erinn defect Very High Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#4409 trac migration lost wysiwyg editing erinn defect Medium Internal Services/Service - trac
#4911 Unable to install Vidalia Bundle on Windows erinn defect Immediate Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#5800 Please deprecate the "HTTPS Everywhere: Chrome" component erinn task Medium Internal Services/Service - trac
#6399 Tor Browser 2.2.37-1, with flash added, freezes and inevitably crashes as soon as scripts are enabled on a page. erinn defect Medium Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#6597 "tar: A lone zero block at 146900" untarring TOBB on 64-bit Linux erinn defect Low Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#6990 I got this msg again and again ! erinn defect Low Applications/Tor bundles/installation
#7034 How to recover forgotten Trac password ? erinn enhancement Medium Internal Services/Service - trac
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