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Showing objects tagged with 'autotools'

  • #4692 defect: If only a working static OpenSSL is available, ./configure fails (needs_revision)
  • #6311 enhancement: Migrate TOR_SEARCH_LIBRARY to use pkg-config (new)
  • #6622 defect: Tor link against static zlib broken by -pie switch (new)
  • #6623 defect: --enable-static-tor cannot succeed (needs_revision)
  • #6936 defect: link to librt and libdl only when needed (new)
  • #19174 defect: libscrypt check fails when libscrypt requires libm (needs_revision)
  • #19518 defect: Configure argument --without-tcmalloc causes linking with libtcmalloc ... (new)
  • #20986 defect: Gracefully handle build configurations on systems without AsciiDoc (new)
  • #21023 defect: Replace custom checks with Autoconf macros (new)