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Showing objects tagged with 'dos'

  • #469 defect: please limit connections by client (needs_revision)
  • #925 defect: Tor fails badly when accept(2) returns EMFILE or ENFILE (new)
  • #3029 enhancement: We should save received documents before parsing them (accepted)
  • #3847 enhancement: Provide ability to round robin outgoing exit connections on multiple ... (new)
  • #6777 defect: add config option to not rate limit authority dir conns (new)
  • #9368 enhancement: Turn static throttling on in the live network (closed: wontfix)
  • #9390 enhancement: Warn if you're being a public relay but have too-low file descriptor limit (needs_revision)
  • #15463 defect: Tor deals poorly with a very large number of incoming connection requests. (new)
  • #18852 defect: Directory mirrors should check accounting usage more frequently (new)
  • #19328 defect: Try not to log from inside functions called from inside log functions (new)
  • #19984 defect: Use a better set of comparison/evaluation functions for deciding which ... (accepted)
  • #24671 defect: sched: KISTLite should set an upper limit to write on the outbuf (closed: fixed)