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Showing objects tagged with 'openssl'

  • #13815 enhancement: Attempt to port tor to Google's BoringSSL (new)
  • #13977 task: Evaluate alternate SSL/TLS libraries: CyaSSL, GnuTLS, ... (new)
  • #15017 enhancement: Experiment: does BIO_f_buffer help performance with read/write syscalls? (new)
  • #15918 enhancement: Investigate using the EVP interface for non-oneshot hash calls. (new)
  • #19983 enhancement: Is openssl 1.1.0's "secure heap" feature useful for us? (new)
  • #25957 defect: Tor died: Caught signal 11 (needs_information)
  • #31565 defect: static Tor building against openssl-1.1.1 fails: configure unable to ... (needs_information)
  • #32200 enhancement: only include required bits of OpenSSL in Android builds (new)
  • #32688 enhancement: Make tor_tls_get_buffer_sizes() work again (new)
  • #32773 task: Remove Jenkins tor master jobs which don't have OpenSSL 1.1.1 (new)
  • #33437 defect: Unsuccessful compilation of tor on FreeBSD system with libssl.so.11 (needs_information)
  • #33624 defect: Static building tor with openssl does not work (needs_revision)