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Showing objects tagged with 'protocol'

  • #1784 defect: RELAY_TRUNCATE should give cell queues a chance to flush (new)
  • #7486 defect: Divergent behavior for over-long length on begin cells (new)
  • #7678 defect: Check if a stream could send a cell but the circuit hasn't asked it to (new)
  • #13508 enhancement: Add messaging protocol that is resistant to traffic analysis (closed: wontfix)
  • #17279 defect: Implement large/split create cells (proposal 249) (new)
  • #18263 defect: GETCONF provides incorrect value when undefined (new)
  • #25139 defect: Link protocol negotiation without common version (new)
  • org/meetings/2018Rome/Notes/FutureTorNetworkProtocolUpgrades frame size, worth paying attention to wrt to