Query syntax:

  • Use tag1 tag2 to match all tags.
  • tag1 or tag2 will match any tag.
  • Negate a tag with -tag1.
  • Group sub-queries with (tag1 or tag2).
  • Quote strings to include special characters.
  • Restrict search to a specific realm with realm:wiki.

Showing objects tagged with 'sandbox-security'

  • #20773 enhancement: Stop mounting /proc in the various containers once this is feasable. (closed: wontfix)
  • #20844 defect: Inform me about sandbox violations (closed: wontfix)
  • #21010 enhancement: Disable RDTSC/RDTSCP to limit side-channel attacks (closed: wontfix)
  • #21011 enhancement: Disable JavaScript JIT (closed: wontfix)
  • #22969 enhancement: Figure out all the other ways that Firefox phones home, and kill them ... (closed: wontfix)