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Showing objects tagged with 'tbb-easy'

  • #10426 defect: "new identity" button causes in-progress downloads to be aborted (new)
  • #10573 defect: nsILocalFile should be replaced with nsIFile in our extensions (closed: fixed)
  • #12514 defect: Tor Button does not work unless Navigation toolbar is enabled (new)
  • #13575 defect: Disable randomised Firefox HTTP cache decay user test groups (closed: fixed)
  • #17584 defect: Disable bookmark backups (easy fix) (!) (new)
  • #20628 defect: More locales for Tor Browser (closed: fixed)
  • #22814 defect: Disable clipboard.autocopy in Tor Browser (assigned)
  • #23736 defect: about:networking should be whitelisted in NoScript (closed: fixed)
  • #26080 defect: torbrowser 7.5.4 update seems to generate file with unique uuid in it (new)