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Showing objects tagged with 'triaged-out-20170308'

  • #20456 defect: Relative paths don't work for PidFile and control_auth_cookie (closed: duplicate)
  • #21345 task: Do relays count dir reqs as completed before they're complete? (new)
  • #21423 defect: Refactor choose_good_entry_server based on different usecases (new)
  • #21476 enhancement: Extend HTTP fuzzer so it fuzzes the GET handler functions (new)
  • #21499 defect: client_dns_incr_failures while passing not hostname but only IP (new)
  • #21525 defect: Bootstrapping authorities sometimes expect a vote valid-after time of 0 (new)
  • #21585 defect: Check code that uses consensus membership to find clients (closed: implemented)
  • #21602 defect: HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient failed to work if the user specify ... (new)