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Nov 10, 2010:

9:06 PM Ticket #2153 (Annotation rules not adequately enforced.) closed by nickm
fixed: Okay. Backported and merged back onto maint-0.2.1, maint-0.2.2, and …
5:51 PM Ticket #2170 (Enable microdescriptors on the client side) closed by nickm
duplicate: Ooops, this is a duplicate of #1756. Closing.
5:50 PM Ticket #1755 (Microdescriptors: caches fetch and serve microdescriptors) closed by nickm
fixed: This branch was merged into master (0.2.3.x) in late september. Closing.
2:46 PM Ticket #2177 (Typo in Tor manpage) created by qbi
There is a typo in man torrc. From tor.1.txt: `ConLimit
12:21 PM Ticket #2176 (Branding of TBB) created by ioerror
I think we should have a consistent branding of TBB across all …
11:53 AM Ticket #2175 (Can't disable "Resize windows to multiples of 50px during Tor usage") created by mt2009
I can't disable "Resize windows to multiples of 50px during Tor …
11:14 AM Ticket #2174 (Turn on directory request statistics by default) created by karsten
I'm making progress with combining directory request statistics from …
7:39 AM doc/Portable_Tor edited by rransom
delete obsolete contents of page; see … (diff)
6:03 AM Ticket #2127 (Stop the false positives to flynn) closed by mikeperry
fixed: I've got a fix to be quieter about the noisy reasons and only report …
5:22 AM Ticket #1919 (Set up a few new torperfs with fixed sets of entry guards) reopened by Sebastian
bleh. I'll merge it when I merge my branch (karsten: did it look ok?)
4:30 AM Ticket #2173 (General polipo nightmares) created by ioerror
This is a list of notes from my polipo sandbox.

Nov 9, 2010:

5:45 PM Ticket #2172 (Google rules currently break Google shopping/products) created by pde
Any google products search currently winds up at a url like this: …
4:01 PM Ticket #2171 (Allow extension installation in Thunderbird) created by cketti
With extensions that enable browsing (e.g. WAT, ThunderBrowse) HTTPS …

Nov 8, 2010:

8:55 PM Ticket #2170 (Enable microdescriptors on the client side) created by nickm
All the logic is in place to let clients fetch microdescriptor …
6:26 PM Ticket #2169 (help at youtube) created by alfred
tor used to work fine at youtube (not to watch videos, just to be able …
5:40 PM Ticket #1668 (Make log granularity configurable) closed by nickm
implemented: Looks better. Merging. Thanks!
2:50 PM Ticket #2168 (Privoxy file missing from Orbot) created by 4u2guess
On Google Android Devphone 1 with firmware 1.6 and using Orweb version …
11:44 AM Ticket #2167 (Block during extension updating process) created by zep
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; it; rv: …
11:26 AM Ticket #2166 (Provide checkbox "Break sites to provide more security (where possible)") created by mikeperry
We should add a flag that specifies that an exemption allows site …
6:40 AM Ticket #2165 (deb.torproject.org outage) closed by weasel
invalid: You probably used deb http://deb.torproject.org lucid main instead …
2:50 AM Ticket #2165 (deb.torproject.org outage) created by atagar
18:39 < atagar> helix: two of the servers in the rotation for …

Nov 7, 2010:

5:12 PM Ticket #2164 (Wikipedia 404s, especially using search plugin) created by macleod199
When I use the Wikipedia search plugin I almost always get a 404 with …

Nov 6, 2010:

8:10 AM Ticket #2163 (Disable menubar icon in OS X) created by jabes
The colorful onion menubar icon stands out against all the chunky …
4:52 AM Ticket #2162 (Support alternate authentication models) created by mikeperry
We should allow rules for sites that are brave enough to refuse to pay …
4:41 AM Ticket #2161 (Allow subscription to external rule feeds) created by mikeperry
The ultimate direction we want to go is towards an adblock plus model, …
4:34 AM Ticket #2160 (Document rule review process) created by mikeperry
We need to publicly document our rule review process in the rule …
4:28 AM Ticket #2159 (Improved rule interface) created by mikeperry
We should convert the rule enable/disable interface to an nsITreeView, …
1:56 AM Ticket #1725 (kernel.org ruleset) closed by mikeperry
duplicate: We have an alternate kernel.org ruleset in git already. If anything …
1:55 AM Ticket #2158 (Create rule syntax for setting the secure bit on cookies) created by mikeperry
We should expand our rule syntax to allow people to set the secure bit …

Nov 5, 2010:

4:25 PM org/sponsors/SponsorE edited by phobos
flesh out ramp up deliverables (diff)
1:49 PM Ticket #2088 (MinUptimeHidServDirectoryV2 config option should change if ...) closed by nickm
implemented: so merged.
12:19 PM Ticket #1945 (TBB for Linux cannot find default Xauthority file) reopened by dmiceman
Same here. There is something wrong with $HOME variable handling …
1:14 AM Ticket #2151 (Security Hole: FTP and Gopher) closed by arma
not a bug
12:41 AM Ticket #1995 ("help censored users" vidalia button needs explanation) closed by chiiph
12:13 AM Ticket #2096 (Global Install Option) closed by pde
fixed: Reportedly some debian developers were after this too. The patch has …
12:00 AM Ticket #2086 (Restart Tor after the torrc file has changed) closed by chiiph
implemented: This is now in Vidalia's svn trunk.
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