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Apr 15, 2011:

11:28 PM Ticket #2928 (Mark SVN repos for archive-related tools as moved to Git) created by rransom
The [https://svn.torproject.org/svn/projects/archives/trunk/
11:08 PM Ticket #2927 (Tor doesn't overwrite rotated keys) closed by asn
invalid: Replying to cypherpunks: > <snip> Yap, you are right. …
7:22 PM Ticket #2927 (Tor doesn't overwrite rotated keys) created by asn
Tor doesn't zero out rotated onion keys, or rotated x509s and …
7:12 PM org/sponsors/SponsorF/Year1 edited by rransom
link to two more tickets (diff)
6:50 PM Ticket #2926 (Update Tor Browser Bundle documentation) created by cypherpunks
Knowledgeable people should go through it and make corrections where …
4:56 PM org/sponsors/SponsorF/Year1 edited by karsten
Add a few ticket numbers. (diff)
4:30 PM Ticket #2925 (Getting started build documentation) created by cypherpunks
A step-by-step introduction to contributing code to projects. It …
3:34 PM Ticket #2916 (control-spec.txt has wrong name for __AllDirActionsPrivate) closed by nickm
fixed: merged; thanks!
2:39 PM Ticket #2924 (Vidalia translations should be updated with every new bundle release) created by OsamaK
Currently, Vidalia translations are only updated when new versions of …
11:11 AM Ticket #2923 (Improve materialized views in the metrics database) created by karsten
The …
10:52 AM Ticket #2922 (Improve searching for relays in metrics database) created by karsten
Our relay search
10:29 AM Ticket #2921 (Improve bulk import of relay descriptors into metrics database) created by karsten
We currently have two ways to import relay descriptors into the …
9:46 AM Ticket #2838 (Cookie protections dialog is inaccessible) closed by mikeperry
fixed: Alright, this appeared to be an easy fix. There was just a crazy …
8:41 AM Ticket #2920 (Audit AIM support for pidgin) created by ioerror
It seems likely that AIM support in Pidgin is fine; this is a ticket …
8:39 AM Ticket #2919 (Audit IRC plugin for pidgin) created by ioerror
10:13 < mikeperry> I think the irc protocol plugin also leaks …
8:37 AM Ticket #2918 (Audit pidgin for leaks and other privacy issues) created by ioerror
Pidgin is full of privacy and anonymity issues such as the ones …
8:25 AM Ticket #2832 (HTML5 Youtube no workee) closed by mikeperry
2:56 AM Ticket #2917 (SIGNAL DUMP fails on FreeBSD) created by rransom
On FreeBSD 8.2, the control port command SIGNAL DUMP fails: […] …
1:24 AM Ticket #2916 (control-spec.txt has wrong name for __AllDirActionsPrivate) created by rransom
See …
1:01 AM Ticket #2915 (Explore options to reduce binary size of Tor) created by Sebastian
Our bundles are pretty big, so we could benefit from "free" …

Apr 14, 2011:

1:14 PM Ticket #2914 (Tor should truncate log file if loglevel < notice) created by mikeperry
A lot of relay operators run tor from git for various reasons. These …
9:09 AM Ticket #2868 (Fix weird torperf results due to bad guard choices) closed by karsten
fixed: I merged your branch three days ago, and it looks like it fixed the …
8:41 AM Ticket #2913 (Tag and release metrics-web version 0.0.1) created by karsten
We should start tagging metrics-web versions and write a ChangeLog. …
8:35 AM Ticket #2912 (Tag and release metrics-db version 0.0.1) created by karsten
We should start tagging metrics-db versions and write a ChangeLog. In …
8:14 AM Ticket #2911 (Analyze relay descriptor archives with respect to node churn and uptime) created by karsten
We promised to SponsorB to "analyze relay descriptor archives with …
6:35 AM Ticket #2910 (AVG claims that TBB contains malware) created by munster
I installed the Tor Browser Bundle about a week ago & it extracted …
3:33 AM doc/TorAbuseTemplates edited by mikeperry
3:25 AM doc/TorAbuseTemplates edited by mikeperry
12:17 AM Ticket #2883 (Add Robert Hogan's OpenPGP fingerprint to docs/en/verifying-signatures.wml) closed by rransom
fixed: Fixed in …

Apr 13, 2011:

7:34 PM Ticket #2909 (torbutton failes to correctly detect tor if tor is not on localhost) created by kuhkatz
If i customize proxysettings to use a torinstall in my LAN, torbutton …
7:30 PM Ticket #2908 (Unable to move Torbutton button in FF4+) created by kuhkatz
after installing torbutton 1.3.2-alpha, i am unable to move the toggle …
6:08 PM Ticket #2907 (Torbutton doesn't correctly adjust screen size and HTTP_ACCEPT) created by OsamaK
EFF's Panopticlick test shows that Torbutton 1.3.2-alpha results in …
3:58 PM Ticket #2828 (FF4 tor browser bundle for linux missing extensions) closed by erinn
3:58 PM Ticket #2827 (FF4 in Linux TBB finds plugins) closed by erinn
fixed: Fixed in the latest 2.2.24-1-alpha release. Closing.
3:48 PM Ticket #2906 (Please give chiiph commit access to the website) closed by Sebastian
fixed: done
3:42 PM Ticket #2906 (Please give chiiph commit access to the website) created by erinn
chiiph needs to be able to update the Vidalia page. Please give him …
3:19 PM Ticket #2905 (Adapt Vidalia UI to allow users to avoid connecting to the public tor ...) created by anonym
We need a way to avoid touching the public network for both Tails and …
10:24 AM Ticket #2904 (Fix the German .wmi files) closed by runa
9:26 AM doc/TorShirt edited by wiki
Fixed T-Shirt linke and removed old links. (diff)
8:02 AM doc/TorAbuseTemplates edited by murble
Fixed links in abuse template (diff)
7:23 AM Ticket #2904 (Fix the German .wmi files) created by runa
The German .wmi files look funny when displayed on the website (for …
7:11 AM Ticket #2852 (File new Firefox bugs for TLS and fingerprinting issues) closed by mikeperry
fixed: This is done. We're going to keep this in our bug tracker: …

Apr 12, 2011:

7:49 PM Ticket #2903 (Loading a startup page is not working properly) created by gk
If one has a startup page and is shutting down the browser in a …
7:37 PM Ticket #2902 (Polipo conflicts with smart referer spoofing) created by gk
I am not sure whether this really is a Torbutton bug but it seems at …
6:16 PM Ticket #2897 (Update .tx/config for GetTor) closed by kaner
fixed: Done. See 2af0f516b637afc905085980ce74cef7da44b10b on /gettor.git
5:10 PM Ticket #2901 (Firefox 4 Tor Browser Bundle: execstack required by libcrypto (Fedora ...) created by tagnaq
I tested the recent TBB [1] on Fedora 14 (64Bit). SELinux on Fedora …
4:44 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Forgot the changelog entry for the descriptor popup. (diff)
4:43 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Discovered that the descriptor popup was easy to translate so went … (diff)
4:28 PM Ticket #2900 (Firefox 4 Tor Browser Bundle does not start on CentOS 5.6 (64Bit)) created by tagnaq
I tested the recent TBB [1] on CentOS 5.6: ./start-tor-browser …
4:06 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Dropping the descriptor popup from this release - it's redundant with … (diff)
3:52 PM Ticket #2713 (need to order pages in transifex by priority) closed by runa
fixed: I put download-easy at "high" priority, removed manual.pot and fixed …
3:47 PM Ticket #2894 (Remove extra quotes from Russian Vidalia translations) closed by runa
fixed: You'll have the update file as soon as chiiph pulls the changes from …
10:32 AM Ticket #2899 (Demote “No current certificate known for authority” log messages to ...) created by rransom
Currently, Tor emits log messages like: […] at notice level under …
9:48 AM Ticket #2898 (Full path to gettor.pot) closed by runa
fixed: Sebastian informed me that the path is …
9:38 AM Ticket #2898 (Full path to gettor.pot) created by runa
Transifex needs to know the full path to gettor.pot to pull changes …
9:31 AM Ticket #2897 (Update .tx/config for GetTor) created by runa
Please update the .tx/config file for GetTor. The following line: …
9:28 AM Ticket #2304 (Tor stops at establishing encrypted directory connection) closed by rransom
user disappeared: Looks like he disappeared. Can we delete the screenshot? He …
8:58 AM Ticket #2896 (Drop translation priority as part of the filename for website files) created by runa
Clean up the list of resources on Transifex by removing the …
7:54 AM Ticket #2895 (BridgeDB assumes that cached-descriptors[.new] are in chronological order) created by karsten
When parsing bridge descriptors, BridgeDB assumes that descriptors in …
12:52 AM Ticket #2894 (Remove extra quotes from Russian Vidalia translations) created by erinn
I can't build packages with these: grep Пуск …

Apr 11, 2011:

8:44 PM Ticket #2893 (Tor controller requires space in 'authenticate' command) created by arma
[…] Setting up logging on Tor's side in …
6:56 PM Ticket #2890 (Torbutton test fails) closed by nlkjnlkjn
not a bug
6:38 PM Ticket #2867 (Do we use automake's dependency tracking?) closed by Sebastian
invalid: Indeed it does help: It forces rebuilding of source files depending on …
2:51 PM Ticket #2892 (Add German sidenav.wmi to the website) closed by runa
fixed: Fixed in r24581 and r24583.
1:25 PM Ticket #2892 (Add German sidenav.wmi to the website) created by runa
Sacro emailed a translation of navigation.wmi for the website. Edit …
1:12 PM Ticket #2811 (Include translated manual pages on the website) closed by runa
fixed: It was decided that we should drop translated manual pages; translated …
6:42 AM Ticket #2891 (Transifex config file for BridgeDB) created by runa
We need a Transifex config file to pull translations for BridgeDB.
4:50 AM Ticket #2890 (Torbutton test fails) created by nlkjnlkjn
On ubuntu 10.10, firefox 3.6.16 torbutton test fails with "Tor proxy …
4:27 AM Ticket #2889 (Flash Content not working when TOR enabled) closed by rransom
not a bug: See https://www.torproject.org/torbutton/torbutton-faq#noflash.
4:22 AM Ticket #2889 (Flash Content not working when TOR enabled) created by varunvyasiteng
When Tor is enable in Firefox and trying to view any flash , browser …
1:15 AM Ticket #2888 (Testing framework/dataset for bw auths) created by mikeperry
We should create a testing framework and dataset for the bw auths, so …
12:44 AM Ticket #2276 (Ask hardware vendors if they'd like to help.) closed by phobos
implemented: I talked to Eben from freedombox fame. The excito is the best …
12:42 AM Ticket #2273 (Training materials and sessions for train the trainers.) closed by phobos
implemented: The past few trainings have varied wildly. For some, we just used the …
12:32 AM Ticket #2679 (Migrate tor-internal, tor-assistants, etc mailings lists to torproject.org) closed by phobos
implemented: assuming we don't need the lists, closing.
12:31 AM Ticket #2368 (Listing of SSL Fingerprints of the website) closed by phobos
implemented: Added to the faq, svn revision 24576.
12:18 AM Ticket #2047 (sitemap generator) closed by phobos

Apr 10, 2011:

10:11 PM Ticket #2887 (Enable Marble by default) created by ioerror
We should enable Marble in the next major Vidalia release.
6:27 PM Ticket #2886 (TOR interferes with bookmarks (FF, v3.6.16)) created by tpg
installed TOR and all bookmarks disappeared and they would not …
5:53 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Another reference link for mac packaging (diff)
5:45 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Idea for an extra family warning for named entries (diff)
5:43 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Adding TaskList as a ps replacement for Windows (idea by mrlanrat) (diff)
5:40 PM Ticket #2869 (I need an account on ferrinii) closed by weasel
fixed: added mikeperry to the torperf group. everything else should follow …
5:35 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
More details for when automatically opening a control port (diff)
5:34 PM Ticket #2155 (Please create an account for me) closed by weasel
user disappeared: I'm closing this ticket since we never got the information we need to …
5:28 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Adding trac tickets of interst to arm (diff)
5:17 PM Ticket #2035 (Feature borrowing from arm) closed by atagar
wontfix: I'm gonna close this. There doesn't appear to be any interest so no …
4:50 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Noting the ctrl+L redraw ticket (diff)
4:41 PM Ticket #2778 (arm Unhandled exception: sys.excepthook) closed by atagar
user disappeared
4:39 PM Ticket #2776 (arm doesn't update IP address on change) closed by atagar
fixed: This should be fixed in the new release (1.4.2) so resolving. I …
4:36 PM Ticket #2501 (Useless warning on arm startup) closed by atagar
fixed: The fix has been released in 1.4.2 - resolving.
4:27 PM doc/arm edited by atagar
Usability idea by Thomas for if the user forgot to open a control port (diff)
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