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Dec 28, 2012:

11:50 PM Ticket #7810 (TorButton Feature) closed by mikeperry
duplicate: Dup of #3455 and/or its children.
10:27 PM Ticket #7813 (arm doesn't consistently list connections on OpenBSD 5.1) created by mischief
using tarball will sometimes work, but it eventually hangs. …
7:29 PM Ticket #7812 (Custom colors for graphs?) created by bastik
I know that the version of relays graph …
7:06 PM Ticket #7811 (Options on Flashproxy html; Question?) created by bastik
The options page links to "http :crypto...." instead of "https: …
5:27 PM Ticket #7810 (TorButton Feature) created by ms7564
Hi, I'd like to request a button that can be pressed which will stop …
4:04 PM Ticket #7063 (Make a query parameter to control opt-in/opt-out) closed by dcf
fixed: tor-dev summary: …
3:24 PM Ticket #7809 (Can .manifest files be included in the binaries?) created by bastik
Unless there is a reason for the .manifest files being separate files, …
1:55 PM doc/PluggableTransports/FlashProxy/Usability edited by bastik
Add antivirus report section (diff)
12:18 PM Ticket #7805 (OSX TBB README-TorBrowserBundle lists incorrect versions) closed by erinn
fixed: Thanks for the report. I fixed this in git and it will be updated in …
10:40 AM doc/PluggableTransports/FlashProxy/Usability edited by bastik
add ticket 7733 (diff)
3:07 AM Ticket #7808 (WashingtonPost.com busted - returning 504) created by cypherpunks
Going to http://washingtonpost.com (and having it redirect to https) …

Dec 27, 2012:

8:00 PM org/sponsors/SponsorF/Year3 edited by karsten
Remove Linus' name from items 2, 3, and 8, because he says he can't … (diff)
2:48 PM Ticket #7807 (TorCheck does not daemonize) created by aagbsn
TorCheck should daemonize, or ideally, take a command line parameter …
1:37 PM doc/TorifyHOWTO edited by proper
Impossible to torify -> Difficult to torify (diff)
11:01 AM Ticket #7806 (Authentication error in installing Tor browser) created by sirigdcl
After extracting the file, tried to open the browser. the following …
10:42 AM Ticket #7772 (XULRunner: Platform version 10.0.7 not compatible with) closed by mo
not a bug: User had old Tor installed and for some reason Vidalia picked that old …
9:50 AM Ticket #7805 (OSX TBB README-TorBrowserBundle lists incorrect versions) created by phoul
The component versions provided in README-TorBrowserBundle are no …
1:30 AM Ticket #7804 (Update path-spec.txt to document deployed PathBias code) created by mikeperry
Once we merge some form of #7691, we should document everything from …
1:05 AM Ticket #7803 (Clients shouldn't send timestamps in INTRODUCE1 cells) created by rransom
0.2.3.x (and later) stable releases don't look at the timestamp field. …
12:01 AM Ticket #7802 (Remove PathBias use of timestamp_dirty and record usage accounting) created by mikeperry
Instead of using timestamp_dirty as a signal for "circuit use" in the …

Dec 26, 2012:

11:33 PM Ticket #7801 (Our one use of tor_weak_random() is subtly wrong) created by nickm
In relay.c , we try to use tor_weak_random() to generate a 1/N random …
11:25 PM Ticket #7800 (Easier interface to rate-limited logs) created by nickm
It's a shame how much code we need to do a rate-limited log message. …
7:00 PM doc/ConnectOverSSH edited by proper
fix reminder regards needing a good browser to use with this (diff)
6:49 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by cypherpunks
5:01 PM doc/ConnectOverSSH edited by jago25_98
reminder regards needing a good browser to use with this (diff)
3:33 PM Ticket #7586 (Strangeness in keep-alive handling in txagentwithsocks) closed by hellais
fixed: This ended up not being a problem in txagentwithsocks, but in how we …
2:34 PM Ticket #7799 (Tor seems to build+timeout circuits for hours when offline/idle) created by mr-4
Since I've upgraded to .7-alpha I am having my log file filled with …
4:37 AM Ticket #7440 (Path Bias code should count circuit destructions as failures) closed by nickm
implemented: I just merged 209-path-bias-changes; please reopen if there's more to …
4:36 AM org/roadmaps/Tor/024 edited by nickm
4:36 AM Ticket #7157 ("Low circuit success rate %u/%u for guard %s=%s.") closed by nickm
implemented: Okay, merged it. Hyvää Joulua ! Does proposal 209 close now?
4:28 AM Ticket #7798 (Use directory guards even when consensus isn't live) created by nickm
Our initial directory guard implementation only works when we have a …
4:24 AM Ticket #6526 (Implement directory guards) closed by nickm
implemented: Boże Narodzenie. This is merged to master.
3:13 AM Ticket #7200 (Implement restored semantics of TLS ClientHello) closed by nickm
implemented: Joyeux Noël. Merged onto master.
1:09 AM Ticket #7797 (tor DNS resolver unable to handle/return SRV type DNS records) created by mr-4
Tor's internal DNS resolver is incapable of looking up SRV (service …

Dec 25, 2012:

7:47 PM Ticket #7770 (Firefox Cannot Connect To Tor) closed by Jessica_XY
not a bug: Whatever... I dont really need TOR anyways. CLOSED.
7:45 PM Ticket #5897 (Windows 8 Connection Error) closed by Jessica_XY
1:09 PM Ticket #7159 (Figure out if Flashproxy can stay on stanford.edu) closed by bastik
fixed: I had a conversation with David and he said that it's unlikely that …
11:43 AM Ticket #7796 (GiantBomb.com podcast page doesn't load correctly) created by cypherpunks
11:28 AM doc/SshPortForwardedTor edited by jago25_98
port 8118/9050 clarify in intro (diff)
12:06 AM Ticket #7795 (Problems in cmd line argument parsing when importing test template modules) created by hellais
When importing test template modules inside of an ooniprobe nettest …

Dec 24, 2012:

7:34 PM doc/PluggableTransports/FlashProxy/Usability edited by bastik
add report of test under XP (diff)
7:39 AM Ticket #7794 ([CHROME] HTTPS Everywhere breaks Sourceforge downloads) created by cypherpunks
Example URL: …
6:39 AM Ticket #7793 (vidalia error) created by carcasshell
when I execute tor browser bundle it seems to start normally, but in …

Dec 23, 2012:

8:54 PM torbirdy edited by sukhbir
fixed typos (diff)
2:48 PM Ticket #7792 (UNIX: Vidalia can't find tor in $PATH.) created by shamdor
Actually reproduced under Ubuntu 12.04 with Vidalia 0.2.21 1. make …
12:03 PM Ticket #7791 (Advertise relay operators mailing-lists in relay setup instructions) created by delber
The main relay operators community mailing-list tor-relays@tpo should …
9:13 AM Ticket #6124 (Flash proxy facilitator should not give IPv6 addresses to IPv4 proxies) closed by dcf
fixed: Replying to jct: > Done at: …
8:31 AM Ticket #7790 (problem with Google Translate and https-everywhere) created by kargig
compiling and using a crx/xpi out of the latest version of dev tree, …
6:45 AM Ticket #7789 (Also display configuration file (torrc) location when running as ...) created by mosesofmason
When normal running TOR on Windows, it prompts the reading …
3:07 AM Ticket #7743 (Avoid needless wasted space in cells) reopened by aagbsn
3:07 AM Ticket #7707 (Impose a minimum write size for TLS writes) reopened by aagbsn
3:06 AM Ticket #7729 (Reading pending TLS bytes can take us over at_most) reopened by aagbsn
3:06 AM Ticket #7708 (connection_handle_write_impl mishandles TOR_TLS_WANT_WRITE) reopened by aagbsn
2:53 AM Ticket #7708 (connection_handle_write_impl mishandles TOR_TLS_WANT_WRITE) closed by cypherpunks
not a bug
2:53 AM Ticket #7729 (Reading pending TLS bytes can take us over at_most) closed by cypherpunks
2:53 AM Ticket #7707 (Impose a minimum write size for TLS writes) closed by cypherpunks
user disappeared
2:53 AM Ticket #7743 (Avoid needless wasted space in cells) closed by cypherpunks
1:50 AM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by mo
nforce (diff)
1:48 AM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by mo
some more info on axigy (diff)
1:45 AM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by mo
good: axigy (diff)
1:24 AM Ticket #7788 (null dereference when bufferevents are on) created by lemerange
The relay is shutting down approximately every three days. There are …
12:35 AM Ticket #7693 (add way to test with traffic through the tor server) closed by atagar
implemented: Looks good! Pushed your exp-socks5-v2 branch. > A) No, please resist …
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