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Oct 30, 2015:

10:08 PM Ticket #17481 (Consider changing default theme) created by anonym
Personally I found the Bubbles theme really hard to use. I can see …
10:06 PM Ticket #17480 (Make URL linkification togglable with a pref) created by anonym
I'm talking about what …
9:45 PM Ticket #16620 (Transform window.name handling into Firefox patch) closed by gk
fixed: Alright, looks good to me as well. Just a nit: s/bug # 16620/bug …
9:29 PM Ticket #17207 (Testing navigator.mimeTypes for known names can reveal info and ...) closed by gk
fixed: Commit 5ea30524fbf92005f236756646beb77684cd2008 and …
8:22 PM Ticket #17453 (Crashing on Windows 10) closed by arlolra
fixed: This is fixed in b3 https://dist.torproject.org/tormessenger/0.1.0b3/
7:39 PM Ticket #17479 (Allow port 65535) created by junglefowl
Port 65535 is a valid port among the tor code base. In fact, in_port_t …
7:11 PM Ticket #17478 (Fix typos in comments) created by junglefowl
There are some typos in comments.
6:33 PM Ticket #17477 (Cannot use Google Talk Account) created by wilson
Hi Everyone, I dowload tor Messenger today and tried to use is with my …
6:20 PM Ticket #17476 (Error console complaining it can't find meek helper) created by arlolra
> 1446228928138 addons.xpi WARN Problem getting last modified time for …
6:20 PM Ticket #17475 (Overflow when parsing config lines with many arguments) created by junglefowl
It is possible to overflow tokens with a configuration that contains …
5:38 PM Ticket #17468 (Tor Messenger wouldn't start on Windows 7) closed by arlolra
duplicate: Seems like #17453
5:38 PM Ticket #17474 (tor messenger) closed by arlolra
5:12 PM Ticket #17474 (tor messenger) created by hawken
have install tor messenger and dont come upp wen have click on it???
5:11 PM Ticket #17330 (Figure out what happens when a user's chosen transport is removed from ...) closed by dcf
fixed: I tried it myself it it happened just as you described. I chose …
4:34 PM Ticket #17473 (Update the meek-amazon fingerprint to ...) created by dcf
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 The bridge fingerprint …
4:10 PM Ticket #17472 (Tor Browser already running but not responding) created by gedropi
After installing the new beta update to 5.03 Windows, the second and …
4:03 PM Ticket #17471 (Review Tor Browser preferences to find which ones also affect Tor Messenger) created by boklm
In order to avoid problems like #17453, we should review all the …
3:51 PM Ticket #17470 (Can't run Tor Messenger on Windows XP) closed by boklm
duplicate: Duplicate of #17469
3:46 PM Ticket #17470 (Can't run Tor Messenger on Windows XP) created by r
Can't run Can't run Tor Messenger on Windows XP SP 3. An error "point …
2:58 PM Ticket #16382 (man page has misleading info about the min bw rate) closed by nickm
fixed: tweaked the numbers and merged.
2:22 PM Ticket #17469 (Tor Messenger is not working on Windows XP) created by gk
Going through the blog comments I found: …
2:19 PM Ticket #17468 (Tor Messenger wouldn't start on Windows 7) created by sly1
Version tormessenger-install-0.1.0b2_en-US.exe wouldn't start on …
2:14 PM Ticket #16831 (Cover dns.c with unit tests) reopened by nickm
2:07 PM Ticket #16831 (Cover dns.c with unit tests) closed by nickm
implemented: lgtm; merged
1:58 PM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting/Roadmap/TBB edited by gk
1:58 PM org/meetings/2015SummerDevMeeting/Roadmap/TBB edited by gk
1:26 PM Ticket #17392 (tor manpage should link to torspec repo) closed by nickm
implemented: Merged!
1:00 PM Ticket #17467 (Add proposals to spec.torproject.org?) created by nickm
It would be good if spec.tpo let you make links to Tor proposals.
11:26 AM Ticket #17466 (Create a clone of the current trac db and a new trac vhost) created by juga
Following the work mentioned in #17368, it's needed to create a clone …
10:30 AM Ticket #17465 (Unable to connect to bip IRC proxy) created by lunar
I am unable to connect to my IRC proxy using Tor Messenger. bip is …
9:50 AM Ticket #17464 (Tor Messenger not working with Facebook) created by PeterPan
Hey, just wanted to test the Messenger with a facebook account but …
8:29 AM doc/meek edited by dcf
Rate-limited meek-azure to 0.8 MB/s. (diff)
8:17 AM Ticket #17365 (Jabber VM needs packages.) closed by weasel
fixed: done apparently.
8:12 AM doc/meek edited by dcf
Messed with App Engine settings. (diff)
7:32 AM Ticket #17461 (Client does not find responsible jabber servers (not parsing SRV DNS ...) created by flowolf
Jabber servers can be defined using SRV records. …
6:31 AM Ticket #12421 (cypherpunks login broken) reopened by cYphErPUNKs
It's broken again…
1:14 AM Ticket #17460 (OS X: Drag and drop Tor Messenger instructions) created by sukhbir
On OS X, we require that users drag and drop the Tor Messenger …
12:57 AM Ticket #17459 (make a webwml git repo for sukhbir) created by arma
Sukhe has a patch for #17458, but more generally, he will be …
12:43 AM Ticket #17458 (Migrate Tor Messenger page to Tor website) created by arma
A current Tor Messenger website is at …
12:39 AM Ticket #17457 (Implement OMEMO) created by arlolra
http://conversations.im/omemo/ It's on the …
12:38 AM Ticket #17456 (Reproducible crash in Network Settings on Mac) created by garrettr
== STR == * Mac OS 10.10.5 Yosemite * Tor Messenger Beta 1. Open Tor …
12:23 AM Ticket #17455 (Document the build and release process for Tor Messenger) created by arma
There's a README in the git repository that explains how to build it. …
12:15 AM Ticket #17454 (Tor Messenger build process should upload builds to virustotal) created by arma
The Tor Browser people had periodic problems where every new build …

Oct 29, 2015:

11:03 PM Ticket #17453 (Crashing on Windows 10) created by arlolra
> there is a user in #tor that is reporting tor messenger crashing on …
9:42 PM Ticket #17452 (Please sign OS X Version of Tor Messenger) created by unbroketor
Please sign OS X Version of Tor Messenger Currently the package …
9:20 PM Ticket #17261 (Formalize our best-guess guard algorithm) closed by nickm
implemented: This is now proposal 259!
6:48 PM Ticket #14161 (Announce Tor Messenger to the public) closed by arlolra
implemented: https://blog.torproject.org/blog/tor-messenger-beta-chat-over-tor-easily
6:45 PM Ticket #10939 (Check and disable Instantbird logging) reopened by arlolra
I think we forgot this part, > For OTR, we should make sure that all …
6:03 PM Ticket #17263 (Write up our results on DoS attacks and defense strategies) closed by nickm
implemented: Done as, tech report 2015-10-001.
5:49 PM TorWeeklyNews/2015/37 edited by harmony
5:49 PM TorWeeklyNews/2015/37 edited by harmony
4:30 PM TorWeeklyNews/2015/37 edited by harmony
4:18 PM TorWeeklyNews/2015/37 created by harmony
3:58 PM Ticket #17451 (Tor controller [ControlPort] - bruteforce defence measures & detailed ...) created by programings
Sometimes, as a relay operator, you should open your ControlPort to …
3:53 PM doc/1-1-1-task-exchange edited by karsten
Update next meeting date. (diff)
3:47 PM doc/1-1-1-task-exchange edited by karsten
Include Oct 29 changes. (diff)
2:32 PM Ticket #17450 (Clean up the doc/HACKING/* docs a bit) closed by nickm
fixed: Done, plus recommendations above. Thank you! I renamed the files …
2:07 PM Ticket #17122 (Rename Japanese OS X bundle) closed by gk
fixed: Applied as commit 52afb5a8e99cbd117e14f40c5450b7cc26b04f18.
1:38 PM Ticket #17450 (Clean up the doc/HACKING/* docs a bit) created by karsten
As part of last week's 1-1-1 task exchange I said I'd "review …
11:08 AM Ticket #17449 (Test bridges we ship in Tor Browser regularly) created by gk
We should try to detect broken bridges we ship in Tor Browser early to …
8:58 AM Ticket #17448 (Install mosh on lemmonii.torproject.org) created by hellais
I use lemmonii.torproject.org like I believe other people, but …
7:35 AM Ticket #17318 (Remove dead scramblesuit bridges from TBB) closed by gk
fixed: Okay, this is done in commit 9cf5c169f8e422df69a4b3e1eb897060e88c4197 …
7:06 AM Ticket #17447 (weird tor browser failure page) closed by gk
duplicate: No, no, I like weird bugs. This is a duplicate of #8842 though.
1:40 AM Ticket #17447 (weird tor browser failure page) created by arma
I tried to visit a page in my tor browser, when the network was …
12:20 AM Ticket #17446 (Canvas image extraction prompt logic) created by arthuredelstein
For our canvas image extraction patch (#6253), I think the following …

Oct 28, 2015:

11:12 PM Ticket #17445 (TBB: State Windows 10 support explicitly on the download pages) created by tsammut
Hi. We are receiving a lot of questions at help@… about …
9:31 PM Ticket #16937 (The browser.startup.homepage pref has been translated in the Korean bundle) closed by gk
fixed: Thanks, I've done it with commits …
8:54 PM Ticket #17444 (Should Tor Browser use the EFF version of https everywhere, or the AMO ...) closed by gk
worksforme: We build it ourselves from an HTTPS-E tag which actually boils down to …
8:39 PM Ticket #17444 (Should Tor Browser use the EFF version of https everywhere, or the AMO ...) created by arma
I've just been talking to the https everywhere folks, and they think …
7:21 PM Ticket #17443 (tor-gencert --passphrase-fd improperly checks for newline) created by junglefowl
How to trigger: […] It depends on your system what will happen …
4:35 PM Ticket #17321 (Index to better support downloaders) closed by karsten
implemented: Okay. Then I'd say let's leave it as it is now. It's still way …
2:08 PM Ticket #16735 (about:tor should accommodate different fonts/font sizes) closed by gk
fixed: This sounds useful for backporting to 1.9.3.x and no complaints showed …
1:54 PM Ticket #17329 (Can't type some special characters in text fields) closed by gk
fixed: This is commit 6e22e68547b2bac647c5a9c4e2c43eda2dc1c63b on …
1:04 PM Ticket #17442 (adjust or remove updater cert pinning) created by mcs
The updater uses a couple of hidden prefs. to do its own form of cert …
9:11 AM Ticket #17441 (Warn if votes disagree too much about any given flag) created by karsten
I noticed yesterday that many, many relays only receive the BadExit …
7:57 AM org/teams/MetricsTeam edited by karsten
The team mailing list now exists! (diff)
7:46 AM doc/1-1-1-task-exchange edited by karsten
Mark one task as done. (diff)
4:40 AM doc/1-1-1-task-exchange edited by clv
Completed task for visionion (diff)

Oct 27, 2015:

10:49 PM Ticket #17440 (Please help: Orbot not working on CyanogenMod 12.1 (Lollipop)) created by ezehoffner
Hi there, I've been experiencing some problem since I flashed my …
8:20 PM Ticket #17312 (Create new mailinglist for internal community tech support) closed by qbi
fixed: Please re-check the settings, but as far as I see it this ticket is …
8:06 PM doc/emailLists edited by qbi
add wtf (diff)
8:02 PM Ticket #17439 (Please create list wtf@) closed by qbi
7:58 PM Ticket #17439 (Please create list wtf@) created by qbi
This is the sysadmin part for the ticket. Please create the list with …
7:52 PM Ticket #17438 (if HSDir is set then report a (blurred) uptime of > 96h) created by toralf
My relay gave me currently these info : […] so the 23:22:22 can't …
7:44 PM Ticket #17437 (Please install python-tweepy on getulum) closed by qbi
fixed: python-oauth (dependency of python-tweepy) and python-tweepy are …
6:38 PM Ticket #17437 (Please install python-tweepy on getulum) created by ilv
Hello. Could you please install python-tweepy package on getulum? It …
5:39 PM Ticket #17268 (Write a proposal based on anti-DoS writepaper) closed by nickm
implemented: One of these is proposal 257; the other is Andrea's work-in-progress.
5:20 PM Ticket #17436 (Expose daily shared random value to the control port) created by asn
After we implement prop250, it would be great if we could export the …
5:16 PM Ticket #17435 (Patch dir-spec with the shared randomness info) created by asn
We have proposal250 specifying the shared randomness feature, but …
3:51 PM Ticket #17265 (Write an identity-key revocation proposal to accompany prop#220.) closed by nickm
2:37 PM Ticket #17434 (DocTor should understand the shared randomness protocol) created by asn
There are a few partioning attacks on the shared randomness protocol …
9:16 AM Ticket #17348 (Please create a new list metrics-team@lists.torproject.org) closed by qbi
fixed: List is created. I updated …
9:15 AM Ticket #17433 (create a new list metrics-team) closed by qbi
fixed: List is created.
9:14 AM Ticket #17433 (create a new list metrics-team) created by qbi
The new name of the list is decided. So please create the list …
3:44 AM Ticket #17432 ((.onion) Bookmarks and Data Forensics) created by mrphs
When you need to visit an specific .onion repeatedly, you mainly have …
3:34 AM Ticket #17431 (Investigate attacks in fingerprinting paper) created by arthuredelstein
Here's a 2015 paper on hardware-targeted JS fingerprinting attacks. We …
2:55 AM Ticket #17430 (Add graph with top-10 countries by directly connecting users) created by mrphs
on the main [https://metrics.torproject.org/userstats-relay-table.html
12:39 AM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by kafkane
added myLoc (diff)
12:03 AM Ticket #17429 ("So-and-so wants to chat with you; allow?" text is very subtle) created by arma
I have a chat window open with various people. And also there's the …

Oct 26, 2015:

9:58 PM Ticket #17428 (Remove Flashproxy from Tor Browser) created by gk
We should remove Flashproxy from Tor Browser as it basically has zero …
8:43 PM doc/PluggableTransports/GuidelinesForDeployingPTs edited by isabela
8:05 PM doc/PluggableTransports/GuidelinesForDeployingPTs edited by yawning
Minor cleanups, added a few more entries. (diff)
7:52 PM org/sponsors/SponsorT edited by yawning
FTE is there now. (diff)
7:51 PM doc/PluggableTransports/FteEvaluation created by yawning
Add the FTE eval.
7:34 PM Ticket #17427 (Allow preseeding Enigmail options) created by kytv
Tails uses its own keyserver, SOCKS port (for stream isolation), and …
7:26 PM Ticket #17426 (Please provide a way to make "IMAP vs POP3 as the default" ...) created by kytv
Please provide a way to make "IMAP vs POP3 as the default" …
6:55 PM doc/PluggableTransports/FlashproxyEvaluation edited by yawning
Minor spelling fix. (diff)
4:13 PM Ticket #17267 (Finish first draft of tor-guts (overview of structure of codebase)) closed by nickm
3:21 PM Ticket #17425 (Improve GetTor Signature Section) created by sukhbir
The current GetTor reply we decided earlier was (and which is …
3:15 PM Ticket #17424 (Improve GetTor Links) created by sukhbir
We have three providers currently: Dropbox, Google Drive, GitHub. The …
2:54 PM Ticket #17339 (Reject relay cycling fingerprint) closed by atagar
fixed: We haven't been alarming for this for a while. Resolving.
1:19 PM Ticket #17417 (fail self-test for cert_new in v0.2.8.0-alpha-dev NetBSD 6_Stable) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged rl1987/bug17417_take2 -- thanks!
12:10 AM Ticket #17423 (Look into Yan's browser fingerprinting tricks) created by arthuredelstein
Yan has a brilliant slide deck on browser fingerprinting, here: …

Oct 25, 2015:

7:10 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by failed
6:58 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by failed
6:46 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by failed
6:45 PM doc/ISPCorrespondence edited by failed
6:44 PM doc/ISPCorrespondence edited by failed
4:54 PM Ticket #17422 (make build fails due to error "error: could not verify the tag ...) created by krichter
make build fails due to error […] experienced with …
12:14 PM Ticket #14995 (debian packages: systemd unit files (with multi-instance support)) closed by cypherpunks
implemented: implemented in tor
4:29 AM Ticket #17421 (My task bar says "instantbird" for tor messenger) created by arma
The windows that Tor messenger generates say Tor Messenger at the top …
2:09 AM doc/PluggableTransports/GuidelinesForDeployingPTs edited by isabela
2:06 AM Ticket #17420 (Contact name cells are too short) created by gtank
The contact list cannot display the full height of the characters …
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