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Jan 2, 2016:

11:29 PM doc/PerformanceARMStatistics edited by DrWhax
9:52 PM Ticket #17974 (git tag issue of stem tree) closed by toralf
9:30 PM Ticket #17979 (CollecTor downloader module) created by atagar
CollecTor added [https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/17321
9:21 PM Ticket #9351 (Cache downloaded descriptors to disk) closed by atagar
wontfix: Honestly after years of using this module I've never come across a …
9:10 PM Ticket #17977 (plus character + breaks arm's Tor control port interpeter) closed by atagar
worksforme: Interesting. Gave this a shot in …
7:58 PM doc/HowBigIsTheDarkWeb edited by Deku-shrub
7:57 PM doc/HowBigIsTheDarkWeb edited by Deku-shrub
I hope it was okay to clear this up in this way (diff)
4:09 PM Ticket #17978 (Add mem.gfx.ms to gfx.ms ruleset) created by cypherpunks
The domain is used for certain Microsoft account-related resources. A …
3:16 PM Ticket #17977 (plus character + breaks arm's Tor control port interpeter) created by adrelanos
Using the Debian package tor-arm Typed... […] This …
2:26 PM doc/PerformanceARMStatistics created by DrWhax
in progress
2:17 PM doc/EmbeddedTips edited by DrWhax
12:35 PM Ticket #15776 (assert_circuit_ok: Assertion c == c2 failed; aborting.) closed by Spider.007
worksforme: I no longer experience this issue, and am unable to reproduce it. If …
12:19 PM Ticket #17975 (Introduce OutboundExitAddress to enable exit-only traffic to go via a ...) created by naif
There are use cases of Tor where the inbound IP address of the Tor …
10:09 AM Ticket #17974 (git tag issue of stem tree) created by toralf
This might be rather an issue related to the work flow than a real bug …
9:19 AM Ticket #17973 (account for usura) closed by weasel
2:06 AM Ticket #17942 (stem-1.4.1 doesn't like double-space in exit policy) closed by atagar
fixed: Thanks toralf! From our tests seems this was intentional but probably …

Jan 1, 2016:

11:19 PM Ticket #17423 (Look into Yan's browser fingerprinting tricks) closed by gk
fixed: Yes, I think your understanding is correct. Mike created #17965 for …
10:04 PM Ticket #17940 (Please create an LDAP account for Serene) closed by weasel
9:57 PM doc/ResearchEthics edited by amj703
9:57 PM doc/ResearchEthics edited by amj703
9:56 PM doc/ResearchEthics edited by amj703
6:31 PM Ticket #17973 (account for usura) created by weasel
6:19 PM Ticket #17972 (Tor Browser Bundle Included Python DLL Requires Update) created by Aj7310
Many thanks for your excellent continuing work with improving the Tor …
4:58 PM Ticket #17971 (Unrecognized relay in exit address '[scrubbed].exit'. Refusing.) created by cypherpunks
This line appeared in my tor log the other day. > Unrecognized relay …
9:35 AM Ticket #17970 (Build against GStreamer 1.0 by default on Linux) created by slycelote
During playback of mp4 videos I only see a white screen. Firefox on …

Dec 31, 2015:

2:49 PM Ticket #17969 (Directory Listing. [https://torproject.org/]) created by Dhiraj
A misconfigured server can show a directory listing, which could …
12:58 PM Ticket #17968 (Orbot fails to start with `java.io.FileNotFoundException: armeabi/tor.mp3`) created by strugee
I'm trying to use Orbot on two Android devices. One is a Nexus 9 …
12:39 PM Ticket #17730 (celluar search) closed by cypherpunks
8:02 AM Ticket #17967 (Tor searches GeoIP file in wrong location by default (at least in some ...) created by germn
What I see, when I start tor with "ExitNodes" param, without manually …
3:44 AM Ticket #17966 (browser) created by HardKnoxLife
I'm using orbot for android and when I check browser after connecting …

Dec 30, 2015:

8:24 PM Ticket #15650 (Tor Browser Bundle 4.0.8 error on start Windows) closed by cypherpunks
worksforme: > Webroot identity protection
7:42 PM Ticket #17929 (Får "Tor Browser does not have permission to access the profile. ...) closed by mcs
not a bug: This really is a support question. The easiest way to fix file system …
7:08 PM Ticket #9917 (Linux Firefox ESR 17.0.9 appers to spin-wait rather than block-wait on ...) closed by cypherpunks
duplicate: Duplicate of #9659
7:04 PM Ticket #8947 (Don't install TBB (and other portable apps) to "C:\Program Files") closed by cypherpunks
worksforme: > What's the best way to close this? Might be useful historically.
6:53 PM Ticket #17497 (Default Tor Bug username and password not working again) closed by cypherpunks
duplicate: Duplicate of #13629
6:51 PM doc/OpenWRT edited by micah
remove deprecated options (diff)
6:33 PM Ticket #16073 (Unable to use Tor Browser with SOCKS5 proxy) closed by mcs
duplicate: Replying to proper: > Duplicate of #16917? I think so.
5:35 PM Ticket #17965 (Isolate HPKP and HSTS to url bar domain) created by mikeperry
HPKP pinning (where an HTTP header can list a key to pin) may enable …
4:00 PM Ticket #17946 (launch_tor should kill process on exception while bootstrapping (for ...) closed by atagar
fixed: > If KeyboardInterrupt (or asyncio.CancelledError, or other) was …
3:52 PM Ticket #17964 (Package all lepidopter dependencies in Debian) created by irl
In order to allow for all the packages in lepidopter to be updated via …
3:30 PM doc/BlockingIrc edited by cypherpunks
3:21 PM doc/BlockingIrc edited by cypherpunks
Added HackInt (diff)
2:16 PM Ticket #17963 (Bridge clients should get directory documents via IPv6) created by teor
In directory_get_from_dirserver, a bridge client determines the …
1:28 PM Ticket #16990 (Circuit visualizer stops working after some time) reopened by cypherpunks
This problem is still present in 5.0.6. GNU/Linux, x64, English locale.
1:23 PM org/teams/MetricsTeam edited by karsten
Add 32C3 talk. (diff)
12:04 PM Ticket #17962 (Cannot connect to Tor) created by talerong
I couldn't connect to Tor network the entire day, even though it work …
5:15 AM Ticket #17961 (Evaluate CONIKS as an authenticator) created by arlolra
> CONIKS is a practical key management system in which identity …
2:39 AM Ticket #17960 (no menu with "File" "Edit" "View" and so forth) created by zooko2
When I run Tor Browser 5.0.6, there's no menu with "File", "Edit", …
12:43 AM Ticket #17923 (Extra unmatched #endif in configure.ac) closed by cypherpunks

Dec 29, 2015:

11:56 PM Ticket #17959 (NoScript's click-to-play is unusable on YouTube in higher security modes) created by teor
0. Start Tor Browser in High, Medium-High, or Medium-Low security …
11:44 PM Ticket #17958 (During logon into this trac over Tor - recaptcha hell) created by zooko2
I just tried to log into my account on this trac with Torbrowser, and …
7:26 PM Ticket #17912 (Please install packages for GetTor API in getulum) closed by weasel
6:55 PM Ticket #17957 (Detect stolen onion service key) created by ess2
Would it be possible to add a detection mechanism for stolen onion …
6:00 PM Ticket #17947 (Tor browser stop running) closed by gk
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #17931. Disabling JavaScript should avoid this …
5:18 PM doc/GoodBadISPs edited by helpfullguy
4:52 PM Ticket #17956 (Let tor handle disconnects better) created by dns2utf8
Hi all I noticed a problem with Tor over unstable WLan/Wifi. …
4:03 PM Ticket #17659 (BUG : connection_ap_mark_as_pending_circuit()) closed by nickm
fixed: Haven't heard much on this one in a bit, since I merged the likely …
2:52 PM Ticket #17796 (Make crypto_digest_t allocated using minimal memory) closed by nickm
implemented: squashed and merged!
2:43 PM Ticket #17944 ([PATCH] support timingsafe_memcmp() on Operating Systems that support it) closed by nickm
implemented: Applied as bc2cd0ff2bfc70916efe6b6a7fe0a4aae481df3b
2:28 PM Ticket #17955 (overlap french about:tor) created by tscpd
the "role" statement mentioning boing-boing overlaps with the green …
2:23 PM Ticket #17954 (typo french about:tor) created by tscpd
there is a typo on the current french home page of the torproject (the …
12:40 PM Ticket #17953 (Fallback to resolving localhost when interface searches fail) created by teor
As described in #17949 & #17901, tor needs to know the loopback …
12:25 PM Ticket #17952 (Make address family search via ioctl more accurate on obscure platforms) created by teor
The following address family search functions only return an IPv6 …
12:20 PM Ticket #17951 (Make address family search via UDP socket hack more accurate) created by teor
The following address family search functions don't always return an …
12:04 PM Ticket #17950 (Make address family search more accurate) created by teor
Tor searches local interfaces for IPv4/IPv6 addresses, but it often …
12:04 PM Ticket #17949 (Make loopback address search more accurate) created by teor
#17901 and #11360 search local interfaces for loopback addresses. We …
9:00 AM org/doc/ListOfServicesBlockingTor edited by cypherpunks2
pof (diff)
4:41 AM Ticket #17948 (HiddenServicePort should connect to localhost by default) created by teor
HiddenServicePort currently connects to by default, but this …
4:21 AM Ticket #17947 (Tor browser stop running) created by mlmpbr
Everytime i acess this website (www.gazetadopovo.com.br) the Tor …
3:05 AM Ticket #17946 (launch_tor should kill process on exception while bootstrapping (for ...) created by germn
What will happen if we will call […] and CTRL+C some time after? …
12:12 AM Ticket #17945 (Stop single hop client connections to Single Onion Services) created by teor
Tor2Web clients make a one-hop connection to HSDirs, intro points, and …

Dec 28, 2015:

10:45 PM Ticket #5460 (Write proposal(s) to implement improved relay/circuit crypto authentication) closed by nickm
implemented: I've wrapped up writing the AEZ proposal as proposal 261 (which …
10:13 PM Ticket #13859 (cypherpunks anon login broken) closed by cypherpunks_backup
duplicate: Duplicate of #13629.
7:37 PM Ticket #17944 ([PATCH] support timingsafe_memcmp() on Operating Systems that support it) created by logan
Hi guys, Tor has its own hand-rolled timing-safe memcmp() which is …
10:56 AM Ticket #17943 ('stretch' missing from debian pulldown box) closed by Sebastian
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