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Mar 1, 2016:

9:27 PM Ticket #18460 (Relays and bridges are not counting directory requests coming in via IPv6) created by karsten
While testing my #8786 branch I found that relays and bridges are …
9:01 PM Ticket #18352 (how to use tor browser in ubuntu like a tunnel) closed by cypherpunks
invalid: Search for "isolating proxy" and "transparent proxy" on the wiki, …
8:44 PM Ticket #18393 (How to change Tor Browser homepage) closed by cypherpunks
8:19 PM Ticket #18459 (Update error message for Fedora in a4include.m4) created by cypherpunks
Fedora Core has been known as Fedora since 2007, and 'dnf' has …
7:44 PM org/teams/MetricsTeam edited by karsten
Postpone this week's meeting by one week. (diff)
6:28 PM Ticket #18387 (Allow Listening on :: for IPv6) closed by teor
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #5940. When tor can figure out its own IPv6 …
6:23 PM Ticket #18181 (Backport Gitian changes to get it to work with OpenSSH >= 7.0) closed by gk
duplicate: Making this a duplicate of #18127.
5:33 PM Ticket #18458 (relax directory checking for unix sockets.) created by weasel
I would like to create unix two sockets, one world-writeable, the …
5:31 PM Ticket #18457 (continues to start on unix socket open errors) created by weasel
On 0.2.8.x, Tor will no longer fail to start when it cannot open a …
5:17 PM Ticket #18456 (Exits on 0.2.7 publicise all their IP addresses in their descriptor) created by teor
Roger and I just spoke about the feature in 0.2.7 where Exits ban all …
4:28 PM Ticket #18455 (modify Tor Browser packaging to avoid language prompt) created by mcs
We use a Tor Launcher with the language prompt feature included for …
3:24 PM Ticket #18454 (tor_addr_is_internal_(): Bug: tor_addr_is_internal() called from ...) created by toralf
Got that message today 17x between 6:43 am and 7:04 am. Within same …
1:52 PM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting edited by ailanthus
12:30 PM Ticket #16990 (Circuit visualizer stops working after some time) closed by gk
fixed: Looks good to me. This is commit …
11:36 AM Ticket #8633 (Link text overlaps with normal text making some websites unreadable) closed by gk
worksforme: Works for me with 6.0a2.
11:07 AM Ticket #18453 (Please add dgoulet to the metrics group) closed by weasel
11:05 AM Ticket #18453 (Please add dgoulet to the metrics group) created by karsten
As the subject says, please add dgoulet to the metrics group. Thanks …
12:13 AM org/meetings/2015WinterDevMeeting/Notes/CryptoChanges edited by qbi
typos (diff)

Feb 29, 2016:

11:16 PM WikiStart edited by qbi
Remove Vidalia from the start page (diff)
10:54 PM doc/OperationalSecurity edited by ohheyalan@…
Added section about restricting SSH access. (diff)
10:06 PM org/meetings/2015WinterDevMeeting/Notes/TorIn5Years edited by ohheyalan@…
Changed "bot" to "but", changed "harrassed" to "harassed", changed … (diff)
10:06 PM Ticket #18452 (moving some hidden services function from routerlist.c to rendcommon.c) created by sibyani
moving hid_serv_get_responsible_directories and …
4:35 PM Ticket #18451 (log msg is printed twice after 5 sec) created by toralf
I do wonder about the same conten 5 sec later : […]
4:25 PM Ticket #18450 (JavaScript can reveal the OS.) created by cypherpunks
This page https://www.browserleaks.com/firefox correctly shows my OS …
2:26 PM Ticket #18449 (Make a deb of Tor Messenger and get into Debian) created by adrelanos
aka sudo apt-get install tor-messenger Speaking for Whonix, this …
2:23 PM Ticket #18448 (transproxy enabled on FreeBSD but not derivatives) created by stevenc99
2:08 PM Ticket #18447 (Possible double-free in test_options.c) created by stevenc99
12:01 PM org/roadmaps/Tor/IPv6 edited by teor
No automatic IPv6 on 0.2.8 (diff)
10:23 AM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting/Notes created by isis
10:23 AM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting edited by isis
10:14 AM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting edited by isis
10:12 AM org/meetings/2015WinterDevMeeting/Notes/CryptoChanges edited by isis
9:51 AM Ticket #18426 (Fedora has changed the default package manager from yum to dnf) created by icanhasaccount
From Fedora 22, dnf is now the default package manager …
9:27 AM Ticket #18407 (Tor Browser on Raspberry Pi 2 B with Ubuntu MATE) created by chuurr
good morning. please, anyone can give me a dummy guide to install Tor …
9:22 AM Ticket #18406 (Update Tor Browser release documentation to check for properly signed ...) created by gk
We should update our release documentation to make sure our MAR files …
9:15 AM Ticket #18405 (Check that MAR signing is done properly) created by gk
We are checking that the authenticode signing got done properly with a …
7:10 AM Ticket #17534 (Modifications to donation page for crowdfunding campaign) closed by Sebastian
7:10 AM Ticket #17571 (URLs to track different referrals to the donation page) closed by Sebastian
7:00 AM Ticket #7946 (Requesting FAQ addition: bandwidth vs uptime) closed by Sebastian
wontfix: It depends, the answer isn't really suited to the FAQ format I think.
6:59 AM Ticket #13273 (Clarify verifying-signatures.html for builds not signed by erinn) closed by Sebastian
fixed: The page got a major rework in the meantime, maybe it's better now
2:53 AM Ticket #11053 (Bandwidth not used by Tor on very fast connections) closed by ohheyalan@…
user disappeared: Is it appropriate to close tickets like this with the resolution as …

Feb 28, 2016:

5:42 PM doc/emailLists edited by qbi
add juris (diff)
4:58 PM Ticket #18403 (Amend comment in compat.c) closed by nickm
fixed: thanks; applied!
3:59 PM Ticket #18404 ("make test-network" failed for test010bc) created by toralf
3:00 PM Ticket #18403 (Amend comment in compat.c) created by icanhasaccount
tor_malloc is defined in util.c/util.h rather than compat.c/h
2:51 PM Ticket #18398 (Check fallback directory performance before including them in the list) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged!
2:40 PM Ticket #18123 (Avoid a local port-stealing attack on Windows) closed by nickm
2:25 PM Ticket #18395 (ntor_ref.py calls undefined function kdf() for gen_kdf_vectors) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged; thanks!
2:23 PM Ticket #17913 (TestingClient option missing from manual) closed by nickm
fixed: Merged; thanks!
2:10 PM Ticket #18402 (Reduce duplicate code in parse_*_time functions) created by icanhasaccount
parse_rfc1123_time and parse_iso_time_ call tor_timegm which …
12:46 PM org/meetings/2015WinterDevMeeting/Notes/CryptoChanges created by isis
12:44 PM org/meetings/2015WinterDevMeeting/Notes edited by isis
7:24 AM Ticket #18328 (Add back Panopticlick project to the website) closed by atagar
fixed: thanks, pushed

Feb 27, 2016:

9:38 PM Ticket #16705 (Update instructions for Debian/Ubuntu) closed by ohheyalan@…
fixed: This correction to the instructions on the …
6:17 PM Ticket #18401 (Control port command syntax bug in get_hidden_service_descriptor()) closed by atagar
fixed: Thanks! Pushed.
5:51 PM Ticket #17541 (Updated Tor Manual Doc page w/ New Bandwidth Recommendation) closed by Sebastian
worksforme: This is implemented for the development release. Unfortunately, this …
5:50 PM Ticket #8968 (Include date of latest release on the download page) closed by Sebastian
5:18 PM Ticket #18401 (Control port command syntax bug in get_hidden_service_descriptor()) created by donncha
The get_hidden_service_descriptor function takes an onion address and …
4:55 PM Ticket #18372 (Create doctor.git repository for user dgoulet) closed by weasel
4:53 PM Ticket #18338 (Make a tor-browser-spec repo for gk) closed by weasel
4:52 PM Ticket #18349 (Please give legind push access to the HTTPS Everywhere git repo.) closed by weasel
not a bug: To get your ssh key added, please submit it to db.torproject.org using …
4:34 PM Ticket #18400 (Base Tor Messenger on ESR 45) created by boklm
Tor Messenger is currently based on Firefox 42. We should move it to …
1:56 PM doc/emailLists edited by qbi
add isabela as list admin (diff)
9:20 AM Ticket #18392 (windows build failures) closed by nickm
fixed: Okay; sounds reasonable. Merging, with a fix for the issue that harig …
9:04 AM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting/AgendaIdeas edited by nikkolasg
8:58 AM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting edited by Envite
Horchata Ride 2.0 (diff)
6:38 AM Ticket #17021 (Update FAQ entry about identity keys to mention ed25519 keys.) closed by Sebastian
fixed: reworded a little bit, hope you like it.
6:38 AM Ticket #18001 (Debian installation page erroneously lists Ubuntu Utopic Unicorn support) closed by Sebastian

Feb 26, 2016:

6:05 PM Ticket #18317 (Something after refresh of timeline) closed by qbi
not a bug: Thanks for your message. As arma wrote it was a temporary hiccup. So …
1:14 PM Ticket #17732 (Document required build tool versions) reopened by cypherpunks
Replying to nickm: > Hm. I was going to say something …
12:57 PM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting/AgendaIdeas edited by nikkolasg
Added Cosi Session (diff)
12:54 PM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting/AgendaIdeas edited by ailanthus
11:44 AM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting edited by paravoid
add myself (diff)
10:42 AM Ticket #18177 (Check Fallback Directory IPv4 and IPv6 addresses using DocTor) closed by teor
fixed: Replying to atagar: > > That's not good, can doctor …
9:45 AM Ticket #18398 (Check fallback directory performance before including them in the list) created by teor
One fallback directory is quite slow to provide consensuses (~30s). …
2:07 AM Ticket #18397 (`Sandbox 1` in Tor should not filter `getsockopt` syscall) created by fowlslegs
In Tor version (git-605ae665009853bd) on Debian sid, setting …
1:35 AM Ticket #18396 (onionoo fails at ant compile) closed by cypherpunks

Feb 25, 2016:

10:48 PM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting edited by Pepijn
10:44 PM Ticket #18396 (onionoo fails at ant compile) created by cypherpunks
Following the instructions at onionoo.git, cannot pass "ant compile" …
10:44 PM Ticket #18395 (ntor_ref.py calls undefined function kdf() for gen_kdf_vectors) created by ahf
While working on a relay implementation in Erlang, I found a minor …
10:24 PM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting edited by tgl
6:45 PM Ticket #18384 (Silence clang-scan uninitialised warnings in ed25519_donna) closed by nickm
fixed: lgtm; merged.
5:23 PM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting edited by dawuud
4:36 PM Ticket #18394 (Allow relays to have an IPv6 DirPort on the same port as the IPv4 DirPort) created by teor
Currently, to do this, relay operators need to say `DirPort …
12:44 PM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting edited by tgl
12:44 PM org/doc/ListOfServicesBlockingTor edited by teor
lufthansa (diff)
12:41 PM Ticket #18393 (How to change Tor Browser homepage) created by ashman
I had my homepage set as kat.cr yet now it is esurf.biz. How can I …
8:57 AM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting edited by Dr_Whax
7:14 AM Ticket #18392 (windows build failures) created by weasel
So, nick pointed out that the windows builds have been failing on …
5:42 AM Ticket #18391 (Tor Messenger Error for odnoklassniki protocol) closed by arlolra
duplicate: Let's resolve this in #18389
4:11 AM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting edited by jamiegenetic@…
3:57 AM Ticket #18391 (Tor Messenger Error for odnoklassniki protocol) created by WitnessofTruth
TOR messenger was perfectly fine yesterday. Now, when I try to log …
2:45 AM org/meetings/2016WinterDevMeeting edited by tgl
1:24 AM Ticket #18390 (PDF.js triggers canvas fingerprinting warning for some PDFs) closed by cypherpunks
not a bug: Replying to xcolour: > It looks like this was fixed in …
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